Punisher and Feral Team Up

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With PunisherMax coming to a close in February of 2012, with the way I am a huge fan of both Punisher and Feral, with the way I made a thread asking which one was tougher, meaner and nastier and with how both characters are very dark Marvel heroes who kill their villainous foes and say a lot of vicious things, I have a question for Punisher fans and Feral fans alike. If Feral were to be restored to life and then right her wrongs subsequently, with everyone on Marvel Earth, including the X-Teams and the Punisher, finding out about it in the process, and if the Punisher were then to find Feral and offer her to be his sidekick in his war on crime, and Feral accepted, true to form, since they'd be butchering criminals, fighting and always on the move, what would be your view of such a scenario? Or, to put it another way, if Frank Castle and Maria Callasantos were to be a duo who would destroy every maggot they found and this would make the criminal underworld twice as terrified of the Punisher as they'd been before, and in their spare time, Punisher and Feral would be as close to being friends as it was possible for their kind to be(i.e., Feral keeps watch and guards Punisher's hideout while Frank attends to whatever work he's got), how would you like it? Please note well that this is NOT a sexual relationship of any kind, but a team up and partnership. They are working together to kill crime, not dating. Just fighting alongside each other. Also note well that this question is very hypothetical, but do tell me whether or not you would like the Punisher/Feral team up I just described, especially if you are a fan of one or both characters.

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@blackdemon: I'm not familiar with Feral but I'm very familiar with Frank Castle and after reading Feral's page I don't think Frank would give a flying f*** about her trying to make up for her misdeeds in the past at all. He didn't care about Eddie Brock trying to make up for past misdeeds after all.

Now with that being said Frank isn't involved with the X-Men mythos so if he randomly ran across Feral he wouldn't know anything about her most likely so the two could believably team up. As far as Feral being his sidekick goes...IMO that is just not going to happen. When the Punisher has had an actually sidekick before they have been genius computer hackers that can build a variety of gear useful to him and his relationship he had with his three hackers has always ended quite badly so the Punisher wouldn't try to find her to be his sidekick . Even if she offered he would very...very likely turn it down since Castle tends to be an extreme loner. I know you like both characters and I'm not trying to put down your idea but I just don't see the two becoming partners in crime...or should I say partners killing criminals.

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I see what you mean, cody1984, though still, under the RIGHT circumstances, the two could team up, even if Feral would not be a sidekick to the Punisher. However, the Venom thing made me think...both Eddie Brock/Venom and Maria Callasantos/Feral are very dark killer heroes with a dark past, and if, just if, Venom were able to get back his original black symboite and were in Punisher's place for the team up I mentioned in the OP, with all else being as I wrote it in the OP, and the two worked together to tear criminals to dead pieces, how epic would that be? A huge, symbiotic monster and a feline humanoid mutant creature out for their blood? Scumbags would be too terrified to even set foot into the street! And I think Venom and Feral would understand each other much better than the Punisher would understand either. What do you think of this alternative idea, cody1984?

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