Marco Checcheto will not do the art of War-Zone

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Unfortunately Marco Checchetto will not do the artwork of War-Zone.. Steve Wacker told in Fan Expo Canada 2012 that Marco had to drop out for personal reasons, the only thing we will see from him in WZ is the cover of the issues.

Steve find a new artist he is Carmine Di Giandomenico ( INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, X-MEN: MAGNETO – TESTAMENT and SPIDER MAN NOIR).

I like this art too, but i hoped to see one last time Greg and Marco in WZ.

For full interview check link

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aww hell...

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Did Frank lose an eye?

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@ComicStooge said:

Did Frank lose an eye?

Apparently... But the weird thing is that in the covers he appears without the eye patch.

And in this War-Zone teaser he have just a small scar.

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Carmine is also good but Chechetto is the best.

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