If there is a next Punisher video game?

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If there is a next Punisher video game which delelopment team could appeal to the fans?
#2 Posted by GiantsizeManThing (359 posts) - - Show Bio
@12cc: Rockstar
#3 Posted by Mr. Dead Pool (3026 posts) - - Show Bio

Rockstar definitely. GTA 4 was great, Red Dead Redemption was epic, and L.A. Noir was FANTASTIC! I'd trust them with any street level character.

#4 Posted by katanalauncher (963 posts) - - Show Bio

^^^ Team Bondi developed L.A noire 
I agree with rockstar, but I don't think they will include any superpowered villain or alien weaponry. 
Volition, Inc the guys made the Red fraction games could work. 

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Bethesda I think would be a good canidate to add as well. Fallout 3 and the Elder Scrolls series shows that they can do an open world with supervillians and have it be as violent as you would expect a Punisher game to be.

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I'd agree that Rockstar are safe pair of hands. I'd want to play it in first person rather than third for a punisher game but that just my preference. Saying that however I think IO Interactive who did Hitman Blood money (a third person) would do a great Punisher game.   

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I agree only with Rockstar, i can imagine The Punisher like a GTA4 with missions for the main story and some side quests "street level". They could based in Max stories but if they put some villains of 616 it's good for me too. He could unlock some weaponry as far as he goes forward in the main missions.

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I agree 100% Rockstar would probally make the best punisher game period. I think the game should have the grit that manhunt did but the exploration of the GTA series.
#9 Posted by Bionder (323 posts) - - Show Bio

And it could be written by Garth Ennis :D

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thq made the brilliant 2005 game of the punisher. stick with thq.

#11 Posted by Bionder (323 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely and great storyline. IMO it would be interesting to see in an open world.

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@kev17 said:
thq made the brilliant 2005 game of the punisher. stick with thq.
Yeah I really enjoyed that.

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