How was he rebooted?

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So I just read on the wikimthat frank was born in 1947 but was rejuvenated / rebooted to to the age of 30 so how did it happen in the comics ?

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People know more than I do on this subject, I am sure. I am not sure what you are referencing, actually. I know he got "rejuvenated" by a Bloodstone in Franken-Castle, but that turned him back into a normal human being. Some comics address Frank during his younger years, too.

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im pretty sure the bloodstone apart from restoring him to a human (he was franken-castle) he was given a body in its physical prime , otherwise he would still be 66 years old.

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Yes, i think you are correct, the Bloodstone rejuvenates Frank physically to a younger form, although mentally he comes out of it a bit crazed.

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His history was updated when Rucka took over because he didn't want to use a 70 year old Frank. He points out it only counts for the Marvel Universe Punisher and not MAX, but he's dead in the MAX series anyway. LINK to the full story and quote from it below.

In "Punisher" #4, Rucka used the presence of the press to help reexamine and update Frank Castle's origin. The issue opened with Norah Winters writing a piece about Castle with readers seeing images from various points in his life. One of the images shown is Frank, during his time as a soldier for the U.S. Government. Instead of wading through the jungles of Vietnam as in in previous flashbacks, Castle is shown wearing modern military gear and fighting in the Middle East.

"Steve and I went round and round on this, but ultimately, he wanted to make Frank younger because if he fought in Vietnam, he's in his 70s, and I get more mileage out of him being in his early 40s. I don't think that takes anything away from his origin. In the Marvel U, the conflict matters only because he was asked to go and serve his country, and he did. When he returned, the society he was essentially defending betrayed him and murdered his wife and children in front of him," Rucka said. "The conflict matters less than the fact that he gave his service, and this was the reward. In that broad brush vague Marvel Universe sense there's always 'the war' whatever it was. If that put him in the Middle East rather than South East Asia I think that matters less for the purposes of the Marvel Universe. I really want to emphasize though that I'm only talking about the Marvel Universe Punisher and not 'PunisherMAX.'"

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@Captain_Yesterday So he was rejuvenated by the bloodstone witch turned his body back to his prime at the age of 30ish and then his origin was changed slitly. So the punisher in war zone and thunderbolts is about 30.

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@Z3RO180: Forget about the bloodstone that belongs to Remender's era it has nothing to do with Rucka's run.

Greg Rucka rebooted Punisher to his mid 30's which i think it was a mistake, because Vietnam helped to create what he is, in my opinion Rucka's should take this chance to keep his origin but it's ok. I don't know if Thunderbolts is the continuation of War Zone (probably is) we have to wait till the end of this mini-series.

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@Bionder cool thanks dude

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@Z3RO180: No problem, we are here to help.

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@Captain_Yesterday Thanks for that link to the CBR article and interview with Rucka--it was a really good read!

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