Castle has killed 48,502 people

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Wow, I would think with this kind of number there would be a giant task force that is after him. But then again, he is like a C-List character...

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I've been thinking for awhile that a kill count/lives saved count would be a really cool addition to a characters stats. You could do it like a character appearance page. I wonder if Comicvine has ever thought of that.

Thirty-Eight thousand seems like a lot though. Even if he killed a dozen people an issue, that would only be...eighteen thousand. Anybody able to explain the higher number?

I like the concept of the Punisher, but though I tried many times to get into his latest volume, it just came off as cheesy and gross.

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The Punisher needs to get a better job!

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even with all the years its still more than Odinson's record.

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@bringdeath: no shit. He killed Daken after zombie mode! Wth am I suppose ta tell him Gambler?

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