Can someone fill me in on Punisher's "Welcome to the Bayou" story

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^ That
Thank you in advance.

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As in give you a plot summary or explain something you didn't understand?

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Plot summery. A tad more than the articles if possible. Mainly how the cannibals acted and stuff like that.

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They acted like your typical Red necks out to kill you, pretty basic, there's a crazy female, uncle Jim, a big inbred, and a even bigger inbred, with the mind of a child and the strength of a gorilla. The Plot I can't remember much, but it has to do with Frank transporting some dude, and he comes across some young teens at a gas station if i recall correctly,you can infer what happens, I'll post more if i can remember the rest.

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I think you have said it all. For me the best story post-Ennis.

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It was a great "funny" Punisher Max story. If you enjoyed the Barracuda stories, this story is very similar in tone. 

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