Best story?

#1 Posted by kev17 (332 posts) - - Show Bio

Must be punisher born.  
 has anyone read any of the other Garth Ennis one shots? the tyger, the end or the cell?  ive heard good things about them.
any good?

#2 Posted by Brit (372 posts) - - Show Bio

The Cell is off the hook!! No, it tore off the hook along with the wall. hehe I recommend that you read it after Born.

#3 Posted by geraldthesloth (33313 posts) - - Show Bio

Born is good, but I personally am a fan of anything Ennis writes for punisher, my favorite being Welcome Back Frank

#4 Posted by kev17 (332 posts) - - Show Bio

i read the end of welcome back frank free at marvel. it was brilliant. 
 id like to read all of it though. i love ennis's run  on marvel knights.
#5 Posted by Storm Rider (166 posts) - - Show Bio

Welcome back Frank was great and Born is well-written. Ennis wrote a lot of great stuff that pretty much redefined the way a lot of people look at the character. It's hard to pick just one as the best by Ennis since so many are great in their own distinct way. Some of the older stuff that took place within 616 continuity is still good  too, though.
 I like the first Dixon/Romita arc in the original War Zone book, for instance. Actually, there are a lot of good stories toward the end of the first War Zone series, like "Barbarian With a Gun". You also can't forget Punisher: Year One, with a good story and awesome art by Eaglesham (although the inker and colorist don't do him any favors here).

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