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Yet Another Punisher Blow out

The Punisher disfigures mobster Billy Russotti, and in so doing creates the villian Jigsaw. Business as usual for the vigilante, except theres a catch. He unknowingly killed an undercover federal agent in the same night.

Alas for The Punisher. The one comic book character who is hard to adapt. For beneath the  simple killing machine with a grudge motif, theres a dark hearted serial killer who's only reason for living is to take life. Unfortunatley, Lexi Alexander and company have been unable to understand this. Or maybe they just suck , i dont know. Gone is Punisher's  amorality and sadism, y'know the interesting bits, to be replaced by camp heroics and even worse dialogue.  The people over at Marvel should be ashamed they released this turd in a year chock of quality comic book movies like The Dark Knight and Iron Man. 
Why does the story require cops that are as stupid as the villians?  Why is Frank so idiotic as to walk around the streets without hiding the goddamn arsenal he's carrying? Why cant Doug Hutchinson act anymore?  
Lexi Alexander herself has said that this movie is  exactly the same as the comics. If so why is it so bad?Last time i checked the books, they were terrific. The acting is terrible, the plot's riddled with bullet holes(literally), and the cinematography, though interesting, looks more like Batman and Robin, Rather than Batman Begins, and characters say lines like "Did you know that Kidneys are a delicacy in Sweden?"  And   "We talked, Argued, about you being one of the good guys".  Would you say that to the man who shot your husband? I dont think so. The whole thing seems to be a celebration of sociopathical mass murder, rather than a condemnation. The Punisher never was a hero. Why are they trying to make him one?  The action is very entertaining, but without a decent story and good acting to give it resonance and pathos? Think about it ; What would the books be like without a  decent story? 
"   What did you expect? The Dark Knight?" 
Why Not?

Posted by DeathinFire

Alright, first I loved this movie.  I'm a very devout Punisher fan and Ray Stevenson is the perfect man for the job.  The best Punisher to date.  He really made this movie for me.  I give it huge props for being over the top gory and violent like the Punisher is supposed to be and the cinemetography was awsome. The colors, the atmosphere, it all looked really good.  It was cool to see the Punisher reloading bullet casings, handling the M4 carbine correctly, basically just acting like the Punisher.   It was nice to see him actually performing some kind of maintenace or assembly/dissassembly to his guns instead of just fiddling with them like the Thomas Jane movie.  Wayne Knight made a good Micro too.


It had it's flaws.  Looney Bin Jim, was an unnecessary character.  All the characters from the MAX series were portrayed completely wrong.  In fact, it seems like they just took the names of these characters and that's about it.  It was incredibly dissapointing if you knew the characters like I did.  There was some poor acting but it's hard for me to tell how much of it was acting and how much was a weak script with lines that were just too hard to deliver.  Also, Frank Castle is a man of strategy and forethought.  He can do what he does because of careful mission planning to give him every strategic advantage possible.  Funnel the enemy through a doorway.  Camp out and ambush them.  He almost always catches them by surprise.  Why wasn't this portrayed more?  There's a lot of things they left out. 
Also, just an idea, in the MAX series and a few other series throughout history the Punisher narrarates the story.  Why don't they do this in the movies?

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