cerial442's Punisher: War Zone #5 review

At Ease Frank

I first started getting into comics when I was 11. Back then I had my favorites in Batman and Wolverine (still like them), and the other two big characters were Ghost Rider (yeah I know) and Punisher. I've been reading Punisher books for a long time. Most of the time I just stuck to the main series. I got the good (Garth Ennis) and the bad (Franken-Castle). I can honestly say that Greg Rucka's run was one of, if not the best I've read of Punisher.

It's a shame no one bought it, because it was one of the stand out books from Marvel. This issue is the end. I was excited to read this, and also kind of dreading it. Because after this, that's it. No more new Punisher stories, and none with this creative team and characters.

Luckily it didn't end with a whimper, but with a bang.

After breaking Alves free, Punisher has to pay for crossing the Avengers. Like a Clint Eastwood western, it is the last show down. It's awesome. Punisher actually holds his own very well.

This is the end but not every single thing is wrapped up. We do find out what happened to Alves, but we don't get a clear ending for Frank. Especially one that matches up with Thunderbolts.

We probably will get a new Punisher book in the future, or at least I would hope so. If it were to happen this year, I don't see it happening until November or December. I don't know why this book didn't sell so good. But it happens, and at least we get a finale, instead of just ending.

We still get Frank in Thunderbolts, but that's good and bad. I enjoy the Thunderbolts book, but I also realize it is a junk title. This was better.

Thanks for everything Greg Rucka. You saved the character after Franken-Castle, and I will be checking out the next title you work on.


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