dan6433's Punisher War Journal #4 - Small Wake for a Tall Man review

An outstanding and darkly comedic one-shot

This issue of War Journal is such an exemplary Punisher story, it's up there with the best of the other more mature Punisher yarns, and it definitely stands head and shoulders above the rest of War Journal.

It's Stilt-Man's wake and a motley crew of B-list villains has assembled at the pub where the viewing is taking place. Hilarity ensues as the imbibed villains become nostalgic, sentimental, and infuriated with eachother, leading to a drunken brawl.

One lecture from a friendly neighborhood super-hero later and the abashed villains are vowing to stop being worthless push-overs. But, things really get hairy as the villains begin to drop like flies, and those remaining realize that they've stepped right into a trap.

Matt Faction has crafted a truly dark comedic masterpiece with War Journal #4. It's a one-shot that deserves to be recognized for its excellence.
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