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Best Issue of this event!


This issue starts with Frank heavily armed finding Johnny in the sewers and shoot him with a gatling gun on Johnny's back turning him into pulp. Then Frank tries to deactivate all the C4 that Johnny planted in the sewers and store the deactivated C4 on his bag.

On this time Johnny has recovered from his wounds and smash Frank into the walls, Frank shoot him and gets released from him and start running to create some space. Frank shoots the lights from the sewers and shoots his RPG almost hitting Johnny with a quick move escapes from the blast. Frank continues to running to get out of the sewers and he his being tailed by Johnny.

When Johnny get out of the sewers he sees that he is in Central Park, with Frank waiting for him in the place that started everything from both of them.

Johnny charges at Frank beating him over and over. At this time we get the feeling that Frank is planning something and he's getting beaten on purpose. After some beating Frank draws a pistol with incendiary ammo and all that beating Johnny didn't notice that Frank planted C4 on his back, Frank shoots and we see an huge explosion.

At the end of this issue Frank continues the mission when he and Jake left off, he finds the men that Dubose hired to kill Jake's family and kill them. Lastly he locates Sarnoff the man behind all the serum experiments and Johnny Nightmare and put a bullet to finish his life.


WRITING: Gimple's writing continues very solid at the end of this mini series, this is the conclusion of a great mini and i wish that Gimple continued to write more Punisher stories, he developed a Punisher that i haven't seen for awhile. This Punisher has feelings, he isn't a machine, he still misses his family. RATING: 5/5

ART: The most consistent point on all of this mini, excelent drawing by Texeira and brilliant colors by Frank D'Armata they make a great creative team and like Gimple i wish to see them in more Punisher comics. RATING: 5/5

ENTERTAINING VALUE: Well this issue was non stop action since the beggining until the end like a good Punisher comic should be. Johnny Nightmare was a good Punisher villain in hand to hand it was a little out of Frank's league but gladly Frank outsmart him in the end. It's really sad to see this issue as the last of this mini series this last three issues were very entertaining, but i will be with high hopes to see this creative team together to write once more a Punisher mini series or maybe an ongoing. RATING: 5/5



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