cerial442's Punisher: Nightmare #5 - K.I.A. review

The Nightmare Ends

It's the mini-series finale, the big fight between The Punisher and Johnny Nightmare.

Last issue we find out what Johnny Nightmare is exactly. He was part of another failed government super solider experiment. Have any of those, outside of Captain America, gone well? The people behind the experiment knew that Johnny couldn't die, and they shot him in the head. That was done so that his brain would heal wrong, and become unstoppable killing machine. It makes sense in the book. Johnny kidnaps a taxi cap driver and is underground planning on blowing up the city.

It's up to the Punisher to stop him. Cue either the inspirational orchestral music of the nu-metal radio rock music.

This issue is the big showdown, and a couple of pages of wrap up. That's good because that's what this needed to be.

The fight was good enough, and all of the dialogue was from Johnny Nightmare. The Punisher had inner monolog the whole time. This occurred all through the series, and when it worked it worked well (issue 1) and when it didn't it became tedious (issue 2).

As a whole I liked this mini-series. It started off amazingly. I was extremely excited about the series after reading the first issue. The second issue was a confusing mess, but the rest of the books were able to reign in the story and it brought it back around.

I would suggest reading this in a trade. It might read better that way. The confusing parts only lasted for an issue and a half. Johnny Nightmare was an interesting enough villain. I wouldn't mind seeing him show back up. The way he was defeated was kind of questionable (when did the Punisher do that?). The actual ending of the book with Frank was well done. It kind of leaves things open, but also kind of closes things.

This won't go down in history as the greatest Punisher story ever, nor is it the better of the two Punisher mini-series going on now. But as a whole it was a good enough read, and good enough for me to recommend.

Ignore the rockiness and let it all play out, and you have a good book. Hopefully we will be seeing more solo Punisher stories sooner or later.

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