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Through the Eyes of the Insane

Punisher: Nightmare issue 1 set up the story last week. A former soldier, Johnny, was ambushed while spending an evening with his family. They were killed, he survived. The situation was very similar to the one that happened to Frank Castle. He decided to avenge Johnny's family. Johnny supposedly in a coma, wakes up and decides to join Frank and take down the people who killed his family.

The first issue was a straight forward series book. The second issue, while very good, was all over the place. The first issue was told from Frank's point of view. This issue is told from Johnny's, and is a confusing mess.

We get constant flashbacks to time during the war, and every other word is wait. Eventually after countless back and fourth, we finally get the story to move forward. We get a shootout at a hospital, and then the ending happens. I'm not really sure exactly what happened at the end.

I liked last weeks issue a lot. I thought it was going to be a great dark serious Punisher series. This issue would possibly work in a visual medium, but is kind of lost in the comic format. It is too jumpy and confusing.

I'm hoping next weeks issue goes back to a normal narrative.

I had strong hope this would break Marvel's "5 issue weekly book that is mediocre" series. I hope it pulls it back for issue 3.

Sometimes less is more. Punisher: War Zone was a lot more enjoyable.


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