longbowhunter's Punisher Max: Happy Ending #1 review

This one-shot Rypped me a new anus!!

Now that butthole is finally healing up I thought I would give a review for this wonderful PunisherMAX one-shot. Let me start off by telling you I'm a huge fan of all the previous PunisherMAX one-shots. They are always stellar done-in-one tales. My only problem with them is the price of $4.99, OUCH! This one however is pretty easy on the pockets with a cover price of only $3.99. The creative team on this story could not have been better. Peter Milligan tells the story of a down 'n out married, middle age accountant caught up in the seedy underworld Frank Castle plays in. I wont go anymore in depth than that ( read it for yourself ). By the end I'm really curious to see if there will be further exploits of Joe the accountant in upcoming Punisher storylines. I'd like to see more of this character. Artist Juan Jose Ryp absolutely shines on this book. The gore, the gun shots, and the car wrecks are all so vividly detailed I wish he would draw the Punisher forever!! One of the most original artist I've encountered in a long time. I would recommend this to any long time Punisher fans or new readers. All the PunisherMAX one-shots are very new reader friendly. This one will be in my collection forever. 
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Posted by Silkcuts

I picked this book up because I am a pretty big Peter Milligan fan.  Juan Jose was the one I thought was weaker of the two if I was going to say, because I noticed you mentioned "The creative team on this story could not have been better."  
I like fact you mentioned this was new reader friendly.  I also unfortunately wouldn't of ranked it a 5. 3.5-4 at most.  It was a fun action packed tale, but Punisher-wise Ennis is still king.
I did enjoy this review. If I write a review for this, feel free to check it out and we can talk more about it then.
cheers :D

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