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After Frank Castle's wife & kids are killed in the crossfire of a "major superhuman conflict", Frank kills Cyclops & Jubilee (though the picture looks more like Shadowcat). Frank is sentenced to life imprisonment. On his way to Rykers Frank is freed and si brought to a man named Kesselring. Kesselring wants Frank to kill "anything that calls itself a superhuman" Kesselring has a whole group of people who feel they have been wronged by superhumans on hand to finance the Punisher's operations and repetatdly free him from jail when he gets caught. This group includes Punisher's one-time ally, Microchip.

In a flashback during the story, The Punisher is given a past with Daredevil where the two were friends as kids. Throughout the book, Daredevil in his Matt Murdock alter ego tries in vain to make The Punisher see reason. Punisher saves Daredevil for the end and, as Daredevil lays dying he unmasks himself, revealing himself to be Frank's friend. In grief and in an attempt to make things slightly righted, Punisher shoots himself in the head.

Deaths in order:

Cyclops - Shot in head

Jubilee - Shot multiple times

Venom - Shot multiple times

Spider-Man - Shot in head

Bruce Banner - Shot in head

Kingpin - Shot in throat

Dr. Doom - Beat to death by sledgehammer

Magneto - Nuclear blast on the moon

Sauron - Nuclear blast on the moon

Mr. Sinister - Nuclear blast on the moon

Apocalypse - Nuclear blast on the moon

Juggernaunt - Nuclear blast on the moon

Emma Frost - Nuclear blast on the moon

Omega Red - Nuclear blast on the moon

Sunspot - Nuclear blast on the moon

Puck - Nuclear blast on the moon

Strong Guy - Nuclear blast on the moon

Thunderbird (more likely to be Warpath) - Nuclear blast on the moon

Cannonball - Nuclear blast on the moon

Cable - Nuclear blast on the moon

Iceman - Nuclear blast on the moon

Colossus - Nuclear blast on the moon

Jean Grey - Nuclear blast on the moon

Rogue - Nuclear blast on the moon

Storm - Nuclear blast on the moon

Wolverine - Stabbed with own claws & electrocuted

Captain America - Shot in head

Daredevil - Stabbed in chest

Punisher - Self-Inflicted shot to the head

1st Printing released November, 1995

2nd Printing Steve Dillon cover released March, 2000

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A nice curiosity book 0

Okay, well this is definitely one of the mediums classic stories. Does it deserve to be at the level of say maybe the Watchmen, or even Arkham Asylum? No, I do not think so anyway. It works as a curiosity, but the story itself is really simple and it just does not make sense if you apply any real knowledge you have of the Marvel Universe.  As a curiosity though, it is fun to see the way the writers came up with for Frank to kill all of the earths "heroes and Villains". Hired by those who would b...

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