matkrenz's Punisher: In the Blood #1 - In The Blood, Part One review

He's baaaack.

Issue one of the new five issue mini - series starring the Punisher.

The Story:We start in a prison were the guy that dressed in an imp costume and helped the Hood is getting beaten up by nazi satanists.Frank,dressed up as a janitor,goes to them and beats the crap out of the nazi's.He aks the little guy were is the Hood and Microchip but he only says were Micro is.So Frank sets of a bomb inside the prison after all the employes left and kills a bunch more criminals.Back at the old Hood hideout we see that Micro is going a little insane since he is talking to G.W Bridge's corpse but then he gets knocked out by some man in a suit.Back at the Punisher lair,we see that Henry's mom sent hima birthday present and says that he found Micro's lair.Also he sent money to G.W's son so he could live easy but when he went ot get money from his dad's account (Jigsaw) the bank asked for a Death Certificate but he could not find one and wonders if he is alive.Henry decide's to go to his mom since she asked for help for her alcoolism but this does not sit well with Frank and tells him if you don't belive in the war 100 % then you won't last.Also Henry mentions that when he was growing up Frank was his hero because he pissed his dad off to no end since he always beat his mom even whe she started agreeing with him.So Henry leaves and Frank goes to Micro's location but finds the assassin from Franken-Castle #17 and after fighting her he realizes who she is.When Henry arrives at his mom's place he finds his father there alive and asking him how is Frank teaching him. 
The Good:Well Rick Remender is a spectacular writer for the Punisher.In here he really knows how to write as this guy who was over powered and needs to relearn how to fight on a more human level.He really writes the fighting between Henry and Frank pretty well.Also I wonder were is the "Micro is going crazy" plot point is going but I am really interested.The art by Roland Boschi is really great and is complemented by the inking. 

The Bad:I seriously do not see the point of having a mini-series instead of just going back and calling this "Punisher #22". 
The Verdict:This is a phenominally great start to this Punisher mini-series that deals with him getting back into shape facing against mobsters and it is complemented by great art.This is a buy.

Posted by Omertalvendetta

I do agree with you on "why couldn't this just be called Punisher #22", but in a way, the fact that it was a brand new mini-series (somewhat related to previous work, but able to stand on its own, I think) is what enticed me to read this series.  I guess it was not having to worry about having to play catch up, I could just pick this up and read from here and hopefully get a refresher within the story, which I did.

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