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Punch (Clyde Phillips) and Jewelee were working as puppeteers and moonlighting as thieves at the Coney Island fairgrounds when they discovered a strange, antique looking chest that had floated onto the beach. Looking inside, they found several alien devices; flying boots, sting strings, and hypno-gems. There was also a mind recorder device that explained how to use the other devices. They decided to use these devices and model themselves on their puppet characters, Punch and Judy, with Jewelee altering the name to fit in with the Hypno-gems.

They charmed real estate agents and construction workers into building them a laboratory under Coney Island. With the mind recording device, they planned to kidnap several prominent scientists, drain their minds and sell the information to the country with the highest bid. The plan backfired when the kidnapped Alec Ross out from under the noses of Nathaniel Adam (Captain Atom) and Eve Eden (Nightshade).

Captain Atom and Nightshade foiled Punch and Jewelee's plans, but the duo escaped to fight again another day.

Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller recruited Punch and Jewelee for a mission with the Suicide Squad. The duo lacked focus and had an odd predisposition for violence. Waller later decided to keep Punch and Jewelee under observation as active squad members, despite Bronze Tiger feeling that they were a liability to the team. After Jewelee learned she was pregnant, she and Punch left the Suicide Squad and tried to settle down in Middle America. They were later seen in Washington D.C, attempting to steal an experimental force-field vest to protect their baby (later confirmed to be a boy).

After Infinite Crisis Punch, and Jewelee were seen stealing from an art museum. They are stopped by Manhunter, and Obsidian. During a mission with a reformed Suicide Squad, Punch is fatally shot by soldiers while trying to protect Jewelee, leaving her to raise their son alone. Abel Tarrant, the first Tattooed Man, was a mole and traitor that helped to see Punch die.

Jewelee got her revenge after shattering Tarrant's body into shards of glass, that was changed by Mirror Master's gun.

He was also one of many to be raised in Blackest Night. He attacked The Suicide Squad (Flag, Virtuoso, Bronze Tiger, Night Shade) and the Secret Six (Deadshot, Catman, Bane, Ragdoll, Black Alice, and Jeannete) with other previous Squad members, calling themselves the Homicide Squad (featuring Fiddler as the leader, Manticore, Twister, Shriek, and himself). They attack, with both teams forcing to retreat, using Black Alice's powers. Amanda Waller realizes they can only destroy the Black Lanterns with lantern energy, so she detonates a Manhunter she retrieved years ago.

In other media

Punch appears along side Jewelee in Batman the Brave and the Bold. They are defeated by Batman and as they are carried away Booster Gold approaches them to be his enemy.

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