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Punch and Jewelee were lovers, puppeteers, and part-time criminals working out of Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. One day the two criminals came across a chest of several alien weapons and used them for their criminal profession. They used the alien technology to create a large underground headquarters base in Coney Island. They also attempted a few times to steal the minds of very prominent nuclear scientists and sell them for the highest bidder. They also became enemies of King Faraday and Nightshade frequently. They continued there mindless acts of violence and became famous for it, this made them very good candidates for the Suicide Squad.

Unfortunately they both had to resign from the squad because Jewelee became pregnant with a boy. Ever since the couple moved to the American Mid-West Heartland to raise their child and frequently try their criminal lives. For a while the couple stayed in retirement and raised there child (later confirmed to be a boy) staying off the radar until they learned of a new experimental force-field in Washington, D.C. The couple still lives in the Mid-West training their young son the art of thievery, mayhem and disguises.  After Infinite Crisis Punch was killed, while on a mission with a reformed Suicide Squad, leaving Jewelee to raise their son.

Special Powers/Abilities

(Punch)Electronically charged weapons and flying shoes. 
(Jewelee) Illusion projecting jewelery.

In other media

They appear in Batman the Brave and the Bold. They are defeated by Batman. As they are being taken away Booster Gold approaches them to be his enemies.

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