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Puma is a result of an experiment, on mixing human and animal genes. He's human side was weak and the animal took over, so puma is permanently trapped in him animal form. He was seen as a failed experiment and was treated even worse because of it, He was chained up and his will broken, to a point that he himself sees himself a worthless. He was also made an addict, so he would be easily convinced to do what was asked of him.

Major Story Arcs

Puma made contact with the escaped experiment called Ocelot. Puma loved her and felt betrayed when she escaped. Puma told her that she needs to see Duncan, if she wants to find the killer she was after. When she was unable to find Trauma, she again came to Puma and Duncan. Duncan directed her to a warehouse where Trauma was supposed to be. Puma knew it was trap, but did nothing and was rewarded with the drug he craved. When Ocelot escaped the trap and was resting at one of the detectives apartments. Puma and Trauma came and kidnapped the detective. Puma then put on a ring that gathered data while he was mating with Ocelot. But Ocelot noticed it and it made Puma to spill his secrets. He now also wanted to escape, but Ocelot wanted to save the detective. Puma followed Ocelot and offered Duncan a deal to save Ocelot from being killed in exchange for the data ring. Duncan took the data ring and shot Puma. But Puma wasn't killed, he lunged at Duncan and they both fell into a chemical vat killing them both.

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