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After leaving his home on Elfhelm due to sheer boredom, Puck joins a traveling circus which eventually leads him in crossing paths with Guts. Puck decides to join Guts on his journey, the two later become companions, and so begins his odyssey with Guts.


Puck was created by the mangaka Kentaro Miura. Puck's name was inspired from a character by the same name who also happens to be a fairy from a William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Character Evolution

Black Swordsman Arc

In Black Swordsman Arc besides being the comic relief character for most in this arc we also see Puck as both the healer and the only companion to Guts.

Conviction Arc, Millennium Falcon Arc, and Fantasia Arc

Puck is still with Guts in his journey, so that Guts has no choice but to accept the arrogant elf's shenanigans living in his medicine pouch, since the elf anesthetic qualities. Puck leads the party to Elfhelm.

Major Story Arcs

Black Swordsman Arc

Captured by Snake Baron's goons

In the beginning three volumes, Puck is gets saved by Guts, as he was kidnapped from the street artists community in which already performed, he's captured and he suffered great torment at the hands of Snake Baron's goons, in Koca. Puck thankfully offers to accompany Guts, sharing with him the powder produced by his wings: a powder which can heal all wounds in a blink of an eye. Guts, although not impressed, continuously tries to chase Puck away. After witnessing Guts's attraction with killing and revenge, puck decides to leave him. Unable to save Vargas' life, he's instead captured by the Count, and given to Teresia as a pet. There, he befriends the abandoned child, promising her to find a way to let her escape the room in which her obsessed father closed her seven years ago. Unfortunately enough, Puck helps teresia escape in time to witness Guts beat the Count until the Count calls the God Hand. Upon seeing that alike afterwards such a affliction Guts has no words of abundance and no affection for the child, Puck already blames the Black Swordsman, but finds him arrant admitting his atrocious demeanor.

The Golden Age Arc

Puck has no appearances in the Golden Age arc, but is briefly hinted, and afterwards confirmed by the Skull Knight that the travelling artists with whom Puck was with are the same with whom already Judeau worked. As a departing gift, they gave Judeau a little bag of elf powder: the same was later used to save Guts after his battle with one hundred soldiers to save Casca. Skull Knight claims that their destinies were since intertwined.

The Conviction Arc

Puck's experise about elves comes to handy when Guts battles group of "elves", led by Rosine, a child turned angry Apostle as a humanoid Luna Moth. Puck is able to anticipate that Rosine's elves are in actuality children, acrimonious by war, dearth and their abusage by adults. Along with Guts, he's able to save Jill; an abused adolescent and Rosine' s friend, from being tortured by humanoid insects, and confronts the dying Rosine by telling her he tale of the absolute elves that already residing in the Misty Valley. He after helps Guts to escape from the claws of Farnese, rekindling their accord in the process.

Puck and Isidro

When Guts gets a vision from the Child that Casca was in actuality about to be burned on the stake, he came hasty aback to Godo's place, forth with Puck. There, Rickert is blessed to see him with Guts, claiming that Puck's affectionate friendship is the alone factor keeping Gut's inner demon at bay. Following Guts to the Tower of Conviction, Puck befriends Isidro, an adolescent delinquent acquisitive to be accomplished swordsmanship by an absolute mercenary, as he sees Guts. Instead, he's "taken" as Puck's apprentice, starting with the adolescent a bossy, but friendly relationship.

Millennium Falcon Arc

Lets go to Eflhelm, my home

With Griffith's rebirth, and later the battle between Zodd and Guts at the Hill of Swords, the elven cave in which Guts and Casca resided is destroyed. As two branded individuals can no longer live in the angelic places, Puck proposes Guts to accompany Casca to Elfhelm, the holy land of the Elves, in which they could live free.

Puck and Evarella

As Guts journeys with Casca, he has to depend even more on others to keep her safe. So, his bond with Puck strengthens even more, as Puck is the alone one able to lead them to Elfhelm. Farnese, Serpico and Isidro soon join Guts's group, and they meet Flora, an old and dying witch, whose apprentice, Schierke, has an elven friend of her own, Evarella. As the witch and the female elf accompany the party, Puck forms an antagonizing and humorous relationship with Evarella.

Fantasia Arc

AS SkullKnight has told and Evarella confirms is later, the King Hanafubuku may indeed be able to cure Casca's insanity, Puck's role remains to lead the party to his above kingdom.


Producing Elf-Dust

Puck being an Elf is capable of doing magical things, such as healing wounds or creating medicine with their dust from their wings, known as Elf Dust. Although their size generally limits their usefulness in combat, they may use a bright flash, acting as a flare to blind enemies temporarily, and carry small objects.


Colorful Puck

Puck is an empath, able to feel the affections of others at the point of actuality afflicted by overwhelming emotions and obsessions, like the revenge-obsession apparent sometimes by Guts. As abounding Pisky Elves like him, Puck hides his caring and trustworthy side beneath an aerated bluff of applesauce and funny attitude, and being the comic relief character. This is reflected as, along with Evarella, Puck is actual often, seen as a superdeformed character. Puck forms fresh friendships easily, and rekindles absent ones. However, he seems to bisect his main interest between Guts and Isidro, allegory them to "his aphotic castle" and a "vacation home", and spending abundant time aggravating to "teach" his aberrant disciple, Isidro, mirroring the bond between Evarella and Schierke.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Puck shows sometimes the adeptness to aperture the fourth wall at will, acting like he's acquainted of his cachet as a fictional character. So far, he has compared his friendship with Isidro to that of Yoda and Luke Skywalker, told Rickert to add a cartoonish pincer to Guts' metal arm, describing the ghosts in wheels as "bikers", declared the telepathic communication by Schierke to the that of in Gundam. puck bearded as the titular mecha, and alike likened the Berserker armor to the mystical cloths apparent in the anime alternation Saint Seiya. However, that has to be advised as an advised easter egg from Miura, as the added characters artlessly assume to accede what Puck agency to say after any added explanation.

Puck and Evarella

With Guts, he acts essentially as a confidant, keeping him sane from long months before Isidro, Farnese and Serpico came back to him. He plays a joyful rivalry with Evarella, as the female elf feels to be more serious and less bubbly than the average Pisky, and Puck does his best to show Evarella how similar they really are.

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