Psylocke's most nefarious Archnemesis

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Who would you say is personally Psylocke's biggest antagonist/rival?

Slaymaster ripped out her eyes

Mojo made her his play thing

Spiral took Mojo's meddling a step further with the body swap

The Hand brainwashed her

Sabretooth tried to gut her in the 80s, and then really gutted her in the 90s

Kuriargi kidnapped and brainwashed her

Shadow King tricked her into crippling the world's telepaths and nearly turned her mind into mush and has hunted her down ever since she trapped him (which she's done yet again in Uncanny X-Force)

Vargas killed her and (this was never clear to me, if Vargas had simply made a statue of her or actually confiscated her body and stuffed her like a trophy)

The Dark Celestial Seed imbued Archangel turned her into Death ever so briefly and betrayed her love

I mean, she's been seriously effed with over the years, what do you think qualifies as the worst of the worst?

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Without a doubt Mojo and Spiral.

Slaymaster was more Brian's archfoe, He tried to kill Betsy along with the other Psi-Division personnel, but it wasn't anything against HER per say.

When he tore out her eye's it was really to get back at Brian more than anything.

Sabretooth was also not looking to kill HER personally, she just had that X Association working against her. Even when he gutted her it was more along the lines of I need to whup Sabre to prove myself. She'd beaten him before, but after he tossed her out on her a$$, I woulda left it alone, he wanted Jean's glow. Her "action junkie" silliness got the best of her.

But Mojo and Spiral... Those two are the recurring villains in her life. Mojo kidnapped her,for an entire year, driving Brian bats. They gave her the Bionic Eye's, and brainwashed her. She became a talent agent kidnapping kids for mojo. Then after she escapes, she joins the x-team, meets up with Longshot, and AGAIN gets kidnapped and brainwashed by Mojo and Spiral, all in an effort to give him higher ratings.

She battles Freedom Force in Dallas, where Spiral defeats her and is about to cut her head off (not sure if was a bluff or not).

Then later on Spiral body swaps her.

Even later still Spiral confronts her and angel, and overwhelms her, angel saves the day.

Then Mojo II Kidnaps her and the X-men AGAIN, with more brainwashing.

Then a few years down the line, she's off traipsing through dimensions, Spiral Kidnaps and manipulates her mind and body AGAIN!

ShadowKing is her secondary foe. She's fought him now more than Xavier, so I can say he's her foe. But even though she goes through alot wiht him, it's not to the extent mojo and spiral have played with her life.

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