Psylocke: Marvel Avengers Alliance (FB Game) Part 2

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So I recruited Psylocke as soon as she went on sale, she was less than I thought she would be, lets just say shes well worth 135 Avengers points.

I LOOVE the Psychic scanning thing she does and how you can see the butterfly aura appear in front of her face. I also like the fact that shes an infiltrator so she can do the 'combat reflexes' thing. So far shes only on level 4 for me so I've got a ways to go before shes where I'd like her to be. But so far I personally think she is bad a$$ I LOOVE using her.

They should add her Lady Mandarin costume or her Hooded mask costume and make her scrapper with one of those. I am also pleased with the amount of damage her telekinetic katana does! Shes been a great addition to the game.

Has anyone else recruited her?

#1 Posted by Tazirai (121 posts) - - Show Bio

I want to recruit her, but i'm waiting on the alternate costumes. Given her history she's got a lot to work with outside of the thongkini.

If they do Lady Mandarin suit... Scrapper

Australian Armour.. Tactician

Pink Bodysuit.. Blaster

Lady Briton,, Psychic Bruiser

Either UXF Suit.. Scrapper

#2 Posted by Outside_85 (10633 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree that her basic attack is great, but since I haven't had the chance to level her to 9 yet (due to the game persistently keeps asking me to level another 9-10 or tenner), I am a bit concerned about it being the only offensive capability she has. Which was my same problem with Beast.

#3 Posted by StormyWeather (711 posts) - - Show Bio

@Outside_85: I see what you're saying

@Tazirai: that be nice!!

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