Martial Arts style?

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Does anyone know which form of martial arts Psylocke actually uses. Is there a particular form that members of the Hand typically use, since Matsuo and Kwannon were obviously involved with them.

Just wondered if anything has been stated, or if she uses more than one more form.

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Wasnt it explained that because of the Hand, she knew a style that was derived from nijitsu, but is currently very different from the parent style? (Not to mention it wasnt taught to outsiders...if I remember correctly)

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@ScarlettAssassin: I'd probably agree with that. Even in her bio on here, it says the actual form she uses has never been stated, and I cannot remember any of the bios Marvel has released making a statement either. I'm not a big follower of the Hand members though, and if they use those forms, it would make sense

@Outside_85: That would make a lot of sense as to why they wouldn't explicitly state what form she uses

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You know what, I've never even thought about it lol, I believe she uses Psyjutsu ;)

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@Baddamdog said:

You know what, I've never even thought about it lol, I believe she uses Psyjutsu ;)

cool psyjutsu!

@Lifeguard85: she does mainly karate & ninjutsu such as taijutsu & shurikenjutsu.

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Yeah, I'm assuming ninjutsu. A lot of the times the martial arts practiced by superheroes aren't explicitly stated. There are a few notable cases though. Wolverine is supposed to have been trained in virtually EVERY style (like Batman), Cyclops is a judo master, and Kitty was trained in ninjutsu by Ogun and fencing by Nightcrawler.

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lol I'm cool with Psyjitsu, also I asked Remender on Twitter and his response was ass-fu, so I'm pretty satisfied with the answers haha.

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Whatever it is she's so fast when striking, that no one either can observe it to find out nor lives to tell.

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