Happy 35th Birthday Psylocke!!

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This month exactly 35 years ago, the character known as Elizabeth Braddock was introduced in Captain Britain #8 by Chris Claremont.

In December 1976, Psylocke was introduced as a support character for her twin brother Captain Britain's title. Elizabth 'Betsy' Braddock was a Charter Pilot and Supermodel. She was quickly shown to have mutant telepathic powers and after various adventures including dying her hair purple, becoming a spy, briefly becoming Captain Britain and being blinded, Betsy was kidnapped by Mojo who gave her bionic eyes, brainwashed her and named her Psylocke. After being saved by the New Mutants, Betsy started to live with at the mansion and became a fully fledged member of the X-Men after proving her worth against Sabretooth.

Psylocke would serve the X-Men through the Mutant Massacre and the Fall of the Mutants until having to fake death and start a new life in Australia with her fellow X-Men. Psylocke briefly took reigns of the team only to have to send the reaming members through the Siege Perilous, a magical portal which renders the users amnesiac, in order to save all their lives from the Reavers. However, once rendered memory-less, Betsy was taken by Matsuo Tsurayaba, The Mandarin and the Hand and was her mind was put in the body of a japanese assassin known as Kwannon, creating the Psylocke we know today.

After a series of confusing months regarding who the real Psylocke was, Betsy regained her memories and personality. Although forever trapped in the ninja's body, Betsy finally realised her dream of being the warrior she always wanted to be. After years of loyal service with the X-Men, several power changes, a brief stint with death and time with the reality hopping Exiles, Betsy found her place with the X-Men again, re-joining them in San Fransisco and Utopia whilst become a member of Wolverine's covert kill squad X-Force and siding with Cyclops after the Schism.

Happy 35th Birthday everyone's favourite British, purple haired, telepathic, telekinetic, ninja, assassin, mutant, X-Man. You're one of a kind babe, here's to the next 35 years!

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WOOT! Yes! Happy Birthday Betsy my favorite mutant, X-Woman, Marvel Lady, and all around comic character! Hopefully this year will be great for her and hopefully my prayers will be answered and she'll be DLC for UMvC3. xP

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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite mutants of all time!

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Happy B-day Psylocke!! And to 35 more great years to go!

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congrats psylocke, have a good birthday

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Even though they've changed her official birthday a couple of times, I can at least still say that I'm younger than her ;D

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@xerox_kitty: If we were going with her birth date originally given, Betsy would be about 55 years old lol!!!

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@Baddamdog said:



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Uncanny X-Force #18

Happy Birthday Betsy!!

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Happy birthday! I like her best among the X-Men. Wolverine comes in 2nd.

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Happy birthday Psylocke !!!

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Happy Birthday Psylocke!!!!!

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She doesn't look a day over 22. Happy Birthday Psylocke, thank you for being such an enjoyable character, as well as an awesome video game character.

Do us a favor and tell The House Of M and Mouse that you want more live-action and animation treatment.

I made you a fitting ninja birthday cake for the occasion...

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happy birthday betsy may u have a long and happy life filled with joy :)

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Happy Birthday Psylocke

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Yay Betsy! Happy Birthday :)

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Happy Birthday

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