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Psiphon was a leader of a small terrorist group that attacked an office building in Manhattan where they slaughtered over twenty-seven innocent civilians just to lure Vengeance to them. Vengeance arrived and dispatched several terrorists when he was approached by Psiphon as he held an office worker in his clutches. Psiphon broke the man's neck and Vengeance retaliated by shooting his arm spikes towards Psiphon. However, Psiphon caught the spikes in mid-air with his metallic fibers from his head but was blasted by some hellfire flames. Suddenly Vengeance was ensnared by some fibers and slammed into the ground. It turned out that Psiphon fed on negative emotions to gain his powers and Vengeance was a great source of power for him. Vengeance would get chained up on top of the Statue of Liberty as Psiphon demanded fifty million in negotiable bonds or he would start killing the rest of his hostages. Vengeance broke free from his shackles after Psiphon destroyed a military chopper and the two began to slug it out. Psiphon told Vengeance that he was invincible as long as Vengeance emitted powerful emotions during their fight. Vengeance would transform himself to his human form so Psiphon no longer had a power source and reverted back into a frail, weak body. Badilino told Psiphon he was pathetic before he kicked him off the Statue of Liberty.  


Psiphon was created by Chris Cooper, Reggie Jones and Fred Harper in 1994 and first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents # 147.  

Powers & Abilities

Psiphon can psionically feed on negative emotions to gain superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Psiphon has numerous metallic fibers or tendrils on his head that he could control to ensnare and strike his enemies. Psiphon reverts to a frail, weaker body if he does not have a negative, emotional power source around him. 

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