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Psionex is a team created by the chief officer of Genetech named Harmon Furmintz who wanted to create a race of super humans. Furmintz graduated from Stanford University in 1933 at the age of fifteen and was a prodigy they called Child Einstein. As a result of his genius, he became a candidate for a top secret military project in 1940 along with some other young men. However Furmintz was rejected because he was a hemophiliac. A few months later, Captain America emerged on the scene during World War II and Furmintz was certain he was rejected from the Super Soldier program. He would spent the rest of his life in the pursuit of genetic knowledge and even worked with Howard Stark and Reed Richards. Furmintz felt he missed so many opportunities for himself and had a dream to create a race of super humans with his company Genetech. Furmintz used information on the New Warriors gathered by the Mad Thinker to begin his new enhanced race he called Psionex.
Furmintz felt that Psionex was the way of the future and was their first successful experiment in treating psionic super humans. All the members had specific portions of their minds enhanced through bio-chemical, bio-mechanical or bio-surgical means. The subjects were chosen because of their morphological differences as well as their varied socioeconomic backgrounds. The team consisted of Coronary, Pretty Persuasion, Mathemanic, Asylum and Impulse. Furmintz and his team captured the New Warriors when they infiltrated the Genetech Research Company in Sayville, Long Island. Speedball helped them escape and a fight would ensue between the New Warriors and Psionex. All members of Psionex were defeated and Mr. Furmintz and his right hand man, Walter Rosen gave their word that they would become more responsible and prudent in the future.  


Psionex was created by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bagley in 1990 and first appeared in New Warriors # 4.   

Story Arcs

All five members of Psionex remained in the Genetech facility after their defeat by the New Warriors and their project continued. Most of the members would improve and enhance their superhuman potential but their psychiatric profiles diminished. Psionex decided to escape and Impulse slashed Rosen with his blades. A priority signal was sent to the New Warriors informing them that Psionex broke free from Genetech. The Warriors would appear and battle Psionex. During the fight, Furmintz felt his hopes getting shattered and unleashed the storage equipment containing the irradiated soil remains of Terrax. Furmintz provided a human host to recorporate Terrax and the former herald of Galactus threatened to kill anyone who opposed him. Asylum, Pretty Persuasion and Coronary would leave but Mathemanic and Impulse decided to stay and help the Warriors avert the threat of Terrax. During the fight, Terrax struck Impulse with a powerful blow and broke his back. Terrax would eventually be defeated by the combine forces of the New Warriors, Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer. Mathemanic and Impulse were hospitalized but Impulse would go to jail after he was healed because he had three outstanding warrants out on him.   
Psionex would reunite when Asylum begins to recruit his old teammates one by one. Asylum comes to the Institute of Technology in Cambridge to recruit Mathemanic who was furthering his studies and enhancing his arithmetic telepathy. The two members get Pretty Persuasion who was working as a dancer in the Cheetah Club and then Coronary at the Genetech research facility. They all come to Dwight Hubbard's home who was wheelchair bound and clean since his parole. Asylum persuades Hubbard to become Impulse once again and Psionex sets out to clean up the streets of New York. Over the next several days, Psionex executes hit and run assaults on crime where they get the attention from the Mayor and the New Warriors. Psionex and the New Warriors would clash when Asylum nearly kills some gang members with his darkforce abilities. The mayor of New York called in Code Blue to break up the fight and all five members of Psionex escapes through Asylum's darkforce dimension access.  
Psionex and the New Warriors would clash on numerous occasions but now they are currently employed as members of the New Initiative and are the official sanctioned team for the state of Maryland.    

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