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 Psi-Wolf is the leader of Peristrike Force.
Psi-Wolf (Nikolai Vonya), also known as 'the Dreaded One' among the terrorists, is a seven-foot-tall cyborg, with bionic arms, legs and eyes, a large sonic gun on his right arm and another gun on his shoulder. In addition to being extremely strong, well-armed and heavily armored, he is able to telepathically control other people, even Darkhawk, whose android brain has proved too alien for other telepaths to deal with. He can only control one person at a time, but that control is so complete that he can force them to commit suicide. Though he once sensed Darkhawk's intentions, he didn't demonstrate much skill at mind-reading. This ability is focused through a device on his helmet, but it seems to be natural -- for it doesn't work on his brother, Dr. Anatoly Vonya. Psi-Wolf is also one of Dr. Vonya's subjects, and Vonya blames himself for what his brother is today. He believes he will save all the Russias and become a prince, and prefers to think of himself as an 'agent of change' rather than a terrorist. He wanted his brother to develop superhumans for his employers to 'reshape Russia in their image.' He let his agents kidnap Dr. Vonya, and was not happy when he was forced to act as well. 


Psi-Wolf was created by Danny Fingeroth and Mike Manley in 1992 and first appeared in Darkhawk # 16. 

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