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Arous was a psychologist appointed to monitor and study the most violent cases at an unnamed prison in an attempt to suppress and control their violence. The warden didn't like the experimentation and attempted to put a stop to it. Arous experimented upon himself, triggering his mutation into the Psi-Fi Man, and killed the warden. The Psi-Fi Man then used his powers of mental manipulation to turn the prison into his own kingdom.

Two months following the murder of the warden, Kevin Kho is arrested on charges of terrorism and sent to the prison. The Psi-Fi Man attempts to use this time to study Kho's "other", the being called OMAC, by freezing him in mid transformation and seeing the interior of Brother Eye, only to be thrown out by OMAC once the transformation is finished. The two fight, only to be interrupted by the Checkmate Elite. In the ensuing fight between Checkmate and OMAC, the Psi-Fi Man escapes, using his mental prowess to hijack a car to escape.


Psi-Fi Man was created by O.M.A.C. writers/artist Keith Giffen and Dan Didio and first appeared in O.M.A.C. #3.

The name Arous comes from a 1957 American science-fiction film entitled "The Brain from Planet Arous" which centers on two alien brains that can possess people, one good and one evil.

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