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Most students would spend their time working on a history report poring through books and writing notes, but it is much easier when history comes to you and can tell you what happened! In a back-up story, we're introduced to a new student who has a knack for being able to pimp anyone's ride, whether they want it to be or not!

Main Story

Cristina stands by the snack machine as Mrs. Oberon comes by to grab a candy bar to make up for her missed lunch. It turns out she has been put in charge of coordinating the history reports that the children of both Excelsior and PS238 will be presenting and she has to give the approval for any topic submitted. Much to her chagrin, every child seems to want to do a report on a superhero. As she and Cristina turn to leave the snack machine, one of the children comes up to submit his group's proposal for a report on George Washington. Mrs. Oberon is so pleased she gives the child her candy bar.

Suzi, Tyler, Zodon, and Tom are gathered around a table in the library, discussing their potential choice, Mister Extraordinary. Although there is little recorded information on the hero, Tom comes up with a new way to get the story, using his power of time travel. He teleports himself back to the early 1900s and returns with Naomi Booker, the daughter of Mister Extraordinary. They talk her into telling them the story of her father and why he disappeared from the public eye.

She recounts the history of her life with her father to them. The origin of his powers is unknown, but they were discovered after his WW I unit unit was shelled and he came out of the battle with barely a scratch. His "nom de cape" was given to him by a reporter who was a friend. Following the war he simply wanted to return to his life with his wife and daughter, but he was contacted by a talent agency who contracted him to do performances across the United States. He was presented his trademark sash by the Women's League of Chicago after a show there. He thwarted a kidnapping attempt on Naomi during a show in Ohio. While Naomi was unharmed in this attempt, it caused strained relations between Thaddeus and his wife Vivian.

Following the kidnapping attempt on Naomi, Thaddeus was contacted by FBI and conscripted into doing work for them by agent Miles Griffin. Although Thaddeus did not speak of these events to his wife and child, they did see the results of his adventures in the headlines of the newspapers. Among his exploits, he assisted the FBI in vice-squad raids, stopped sabotage attempts, rescued ambassadors, and helped break up worker strikes.

This work for the FBI did not please Thaddeus because even though he was initially tasked with obviously heroic deeds, such as stopping bank robbers, he was now being charged with stopping people because their ideas were a threat to the country. This did not sit well with Thaddeus and he began to question his work for the government.

Mister Extraordinary's last job for the government was one that he refused to complete. He was given the task of breaking up a suspected communist cell, but found out that many of the suspected communists were men that he served with in the war. He planned on refusing the mission but his wife and family were threatened with deportation to Siberia by his government liaison. In order to protect his family, he instructed his wife to publicly denounce him to the media and he would leave his family. He explained this to Naomi and even though she didn't understand why he had to do what he was going to do, she agreed to do what her mother and father said to do. He escaped the next morning using his power of flight, which he had previously kept secret from his government handlers.

While he may have disappeared from public view, Mister Extraordinary continued to visit his daughter at night and frequently took her for flights.

Before Tom takes Naomi back to her her original point in time, he takes a picture of her with their group for evidence of her presence in the future. The group presents their report to the school and receives an "A" for their work. Tom takes a note from their group back in time to thank Naomi for her help and to let her know the outcome of their report.

Back-Up Story

Principal Cranston asks Herschel to interview a potential student that may be attending PS238. Herschel notes that he's not a teacher, to which the principal replies that he may need to consider running a shop class. Principal Cranston gives Herschel a folder on Angela and tells him that she's waiting in the shuttle repair bay.

Herschel arrives in the repair bay to be greeted by a resounding WHAM, caused by Angela tearing apart one of the shuttles so she can improve it. She rigs the shuttle to ignite its thrusters with such force that it would burn up all of its fuel within a minute and a half. Herschel notes that anyone riding in the cabin would be turned into chunky salsa, to which Angela replies that they just need an airbag. Herschel looks on as she talks about possible upgrades for the shuttle, such as some neon, gold trim, and LEDs for the landing gears, to really pimp out the ride. He also notes that the canopy has been destroyed, which Angela explains as a small malfunction in the sound system. She then continues on like a whirlwind of upgrading and destruction as Herschel grasps his head in disbelief.

Herschel later meets with Principal Cranston and gives his approval for Angela to attend the school despite her being a bit older than most of the kids. He then runs down a laundry list of the "improvements" and destruction she has wrought on the shuttle bay. Principal Cranston questions why he would want her at PS238, to which Herschel replies that he's spent too much of his life making the world a better place to have somebody accidentally blow it up by trying to make everything go faster.

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