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PS238 #5 It's a ghost story for meta-human kids in this episode of Ps238! Our school for the children of superheroes has special dormitories for students whose families can't relocate to the area... or if their abilities require it. In this issue, a few of those children go exploring and find that there's more going on in these hallowed halls than even they had imagined!

Tyler is up late in the evening writing in his journal when he hears a knock at his door. He is surprised to be greeted by Ambriel, because the students aren't supposed to be roaming the halls after lights-out. Due to the way Ambriel's guardian angel powers work, the security systems can't see her. Ambriel is bored and looking for something fun to do. Tyler suggests Chinese Checkers, but Ambriel wants to do something interesting and suggests they go bug Zodon. Since Ambriel's powers will shield anyone who is with her, they head for Zodon and Bernard's room. Zodon is just as surprised by their knock on the door and realizing that Ambriel can get past the security systems he offers to name a continent after her once he conquers the world if she tells him how she does it. After some wittey banter, Ambriel declares that she's still bored. Zodon suggests playing "guess the stain" in the bathroom, which he doesn't use thanks to Bernard. Tyler questions how he stays clean and he shows them his cyber-chair's Code C134-N, a cleaning program. Ambriel is still bored, so Zodon suggests they have a look at a location in the school that isn't listed on the schematics. Using Ambriel's guardian angel to get them past security, Zodon leads them to a sealed maximum security door. Zodon reprograms the retinal scanner on the door to accept the input of a marble in order to leave no evidence and the group enter the security zone. Once inside the door slams shut behind them. Zodon curses at it and Ambriel notes the word substitution for Zodon's swearing. Tyler explains it and Ambriel accidentally trips off Zodon's cleaning program by mentioning its code number. The group explore the zone further and discover windows that allow a view of the bedrock outside the walls. Further exploration turns up "U of J" logos on the walls, which are similar to the ones on the school's vehicles and hardware components. Shortly after this the group discover that they are actually on the buried remains of a space station. The group lets Bernard mindlessly bang on one of the computer keyboards they have found while having a look around and Bernard manages to randomly guess Mantium's password (much to Zodon's chagrin). With computer access, the group finds that the satellite was called "The Beacon of Justice" and still appears to be mostly operational. To keep Bernard from pushing anymore buttons Zodon throws an ink pen down one of the stairwells, where Bernard runs into a ghostly apparition. Zodon discovers an on-board fusion reactor, Ambriel begins to get bored, and Tyler finds out that the satellite was previously the property of the "Union of Justice". A very frightened Bernard comes barrelling back into the room and plows into Tyler. The group go to investigate what spooked Bernard and find the floating apparition, which attacks them. The apparition ignores the boys and repeatedly attacks Ambriel, repelled by her guardian angel each time. Bernard grabs a chunk of nearby console and flings it through the apparition, bursting some water pipes in the process. The blast of water causes the apparition to discorporate and the group make a break for the door. Their victory is short lived, however, as the apparition re-forms and beats them to the door. It speaks to the group, saying it wants the girl's body and the rest can go free. Tyler has Ambriel stand in front of Zodon, with Bernard holding Zodon down. Tyler speaks to the apparition, telling it that it can have the girl. The ghost dives for Ambriel, remarking that it will finally have a new host. At the last second, Ambriel dives out of the way and the spirit slams into Zodon. Tyler activates Zodon's cleaning program, keeping the ghost tied up until the program finishes. With the moments they have gained, Tyler uses one of his own marbles to re-open the door and the group get outside, barely closing the door in time to keep the apparition trapped. With security alerted, the foursome make an escape into an access panel at a dead-end hallway. Herschel comes to the door to check it and is greeted by a message on its control screen, "I still miss you, husband." The group opts to wait in the access panel until Herschel goes away and while they do they look at the papers Tyler grabbed from the space station. One of which is a picture of the Union of Justice and its members, Positron, Spell Syrin, Rockslide, Micro-Might, Mantium, and Aurora. Tyler notes that he thinks a few of their teachers used to do something else before they started working at PS238.







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