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PS238 #3 Ps238 is a special learning institution for kids that can leap tall buildings, bend titanium with their minds, or teleport halfway around the world... so why is Tyler there? Meet a kid whose parents are among the Earth's most powerful beings, yet to all testing available, seems bereft of any kind of superhuman trait.

Our story opens with Tyler being sent from a classroom at Excelsior Public School to his regular classroom and teacher, Ms Kyle. Instead of going just a couple doors down to Ms Kyle's classroom, Tyler steps into a locker and rides it down into PS238, to the actual location of Cristina Kyle's class, where Miss Kyle is showing the class Prospero's new hologram disguise. Miss Kyle introduces Tyler Marlocke to the class, where he is immediately asked about his super powers. Miss Kyle pulls up his file to find him listed as "Metabilities Pending" - he has no powers. While she is reviewing Tyler's file she is interrupted by Victor Von Fogg, another new student in her class, who she initially mistakes for Zodon due to Victor's similar demeanor. She has Victor take a seat and the rivalry between Victor Von Fogg and Zodon becomes immediately apparent. Following this, Miss Kyle drops in on Principal Cranston to question Tyler's presence at PS238. Principal Cranston reveals that Tyler's parents are Ultima and Sovereign Powers, two of the most powerful metahumans on the planet. Their discussion is interrupted by none other than Mr. and Mrs. Powers, who have gifted the school with a teleportation beacon from the Earth Defense League headquarters on the moon, "for the school's security". They feel that enrolling Tyler in PS238 will force his powers to manifest. During lunch break Tyler reveals to Suzi that feels he doesn't belong at PS238 because he has no powers. Suzi leaves him alone at his table but he is quickly joined by Cecil, who knows that there is something strange going on at Excelsior Public School and wants Tyler to meet him by the kickball diamond during afternoon recess to talk. After lunch, Tyler is subjected to Coach Rockslide's phys ed class, where the armor Tyler's parents sent with him plays a holo-message from Ultima Powers, encouraging that his son be trained like any other metahuman. Tyler is then forced to partner up with Zodon for the duration of the class period, which is a lesson on throwing opponents and tumbling. This results in Tyler taking a trip to Doctor Newby's office, noting that he's going to be there a lot. During afternoon recess Tyler ponders the danger he's facing due to phys ed class and is interrupted by both Zodon and Victor, both who solicit him to become one of their minions. Tyler then meets up with Cecil, who points out the odd things he's noticed about Ron, Suzi, and the other PS238 students. Cecil asks Tyler to help expose what's going on around the school, and Tyler agrees. This prompts a reaction from the PS238 staff, who are surprised when Tyler lies to Cecil, telling him that all the metahuman children are actually aliens and that he has been sent there by the authorities to keep an eye on things and find out what the aliens are up to. Cecil buys the story, agrees to keep quiet about what he knows, and asks Tyler to mention him to his superiors, noting that he'd love to get a real secret agent badge or decoder ring. Their discussion is interrupted by the recess bell. Tyler's day ends with Herschel showing him his room in the dormitory and leaving him with some new equipment - a pair of "Bureau of Alien Monitoring" badges and decoder rings. During this the faculty is discussing Tyler and how they are going to have to train him to survive because they fear the danger his parents will put him in to try to get his powers to manifest. Principal Cranston notes that he has an idea and contacts the Revenant to discuss non-metahuman training for Tyler.

Back-up Story: Cristina Kyle meets with several super-heroes that have recently been hired as teachers at PS238. She instructs them on how to keep a low profile in their new secret identity roles and make sure they appear to the rest of the world to actually be school teachers. She stresses the need to appear as if they are existing just above the poverty line, points out the need for tote bags, and suggests they all take up an eccentric hobby. The episode ends with the former hero The Human Alloy noting that he's faced down massive threats in the past, but this scares him to death, prompting Cristina to note that a haunted look is good for their cover.

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