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What happens when a game of Foursquare takes on supernatural proportions? In a back-up story, the kids of PS238 take a turn at playing baseball - without limiting their powers!

Main Story

The day opens with Vashti Imperia's supernatural studies class. She explains that their new unit will be over supernatural weaponry and its use in the twentieth century, but first has to remind the children that they are not to be casting spells above-ground during recess. She notes a number of incidents she has had to put a stop to, including one attempt at organizing a game involving broomsticks and a flying ball. She adds that she encourages the children to read, but their school is not Hogwarts.

Malphast fails to recognize the Harry Potter reference and asks Tyler what Hogwarts is. Tyler explains this to Malphast and is caught talking in class by Vashti. Tyler explains his actions by noting Malphast's lack of familiarity with the books. To help Malphast and to help Tyler avoid potential supernatural damage, she assigns Tyler a project - to introduce Malphast to what it meas to be a human child. Tyler initially balks at this suggestion, but when reminded that his last attempt at dealing with a supernatural assignment resulted in him losing a day and a half of his memory, he agrees to the project.

Following class we find Miss Kyle and Vashti discussing her assignment for Tyler. They both come to an agreement that this assignment is a good idea for both Tyler and Malphast. Meanwhile, Malphast and Tyler prepare to go above-ground for lunch and recess. Malphast alters his form to look like a normal human child without the need of a hologram. When Tyler asks him if there is anything else he can do, Malphast explains that he does not know as he is the first offspring of an agent of Chaos and an agent of Order. Tyler takes this in stride and offers to let Malphast listen to some Weird Al on his CD player, noting that he and Cecil have been trading CDs back and forth. Malphast enjoys the music but lets his guard down and inadvertantly summons a creature in the locker-vator. The pair escape into the hallways of Excelsior Middle School before the monster can do them any harm. While recovering in the hallway, they run into Cecil, who is taken aback by what he sees. Cecil notes that he thinks Malphast is an alien and is surprised by Tyler hanging around with one of "them". Tyler explains his actions by telling Cecil that Malphast is a double-agent, which Cecil buys. Cecil then makes friends with Malphast and begins asking him about his planet's ruling class as they make their way to the cafeteria.

Once at the cafeteria, Cecil introduces Malphast to a trading card game (specifically, Magic: The Gathering, but it isn't mentioned by name.) Malphast uses the cards to do the equivalent of a tarot reading, divining that it will likely rain tomorrow. As Tyler tries to direct the conversation to a different topic, they are interrupted by Charles Brigman, who threatens Malphast and warns him that hanging around with Tyler and Cecil could be bad for his health. As Charles walks away, Cecil voices his concern that Charles is also an alien and that they're on to Cecil and Tyler's observations. As Tyler and Cecil discuss this, Charles trips and lands face-first in someone else's lunch tray. Malphast had his cloak knot Charles's shoelaces together as he was walking away. The three of them adjourn to the playground before anything else happens.

Once outside, Cecil and Tyler introduce Malphast to super-hero comic books. Malphast notes that there are many morality lessons to be learned, such as the strong defending the weak, but also notes that the antagonists are seldom permanently defeated. As they further discuss this, Charles jumps Tyler and prepares to beat him up. Malphast has Cecil hold his trench-coat open wide so that no one will see him use his powers. Charles swings at Tyler twice, his fists impacting but doing no damage to Tyler. As Charles crumples over in pain, Tyler notices Malphast extending his cloak to act as a shield over Tyler, but this act is very draining on Malphast. Once Malphast drops the shield, he recovers very quickly. Tyler thanks him for helping and is worried that someone from PS238 will notice. Malphast notes that nothing he did could be detected, but like the villains in comic books, Charles will likely return to cause problems. The three leave Charles to nurse his wounds and go explore the play equipment. The novelty of this quickly wears off and Tyler suggests they see if Suzi wants to play Four-Square. Tyler talks Cecil into going along with it and they go talk to Suzi.

Introductions are made, the rules of Four-Square are explained to Malphast, and they begin to play an easy game. After a few passes, Tyler makes a fault and they have to change the order. A few of the other meta-children want to join in on the game, and the foursome are agreeable to this. Unfortunately, their ball rolled off and ended up in the hands of... Charles. Charles taunts the group and when they demand their ball back he bounces it hard into Suzi's chest, knocking her off her feet. This does not sit well with Malphast, who, in a fit of anger, teleports the entire group into a different dimension. Malphast challenges Charles to a game of Four-Square. The loser of this match will be given over to the lords of the realm to do with as they please. At that moment, the incarnations of Chaos and Order appear, to preside over the challenge.

The match ensues and the players take their points on the square. Charles proceeds to knock Tyler out of the King position with a Sky-High serve, which wasn't explicitly forbidden at the beginning of service. As Emerald Gauntlet prepares to take up Tyler's spot on the field, he suggests to Suzi that on the next service they call to allow superpowers. He figures since they're not in the schoolyard, they can use their abilities. Suzi calls this during the service and the children use their abilities, but still can't knock Charles off the field. Charles manages to bump Suzi out, taking up the Ace position, allowing him to call the rules of service. On his next serve, he disallows superpowers, and then calls war on Malphast, leaving it set as a one-on-one match. After multiple volleys Malphast manages to knock a serve over Charles's head. Charles teleports back to where the ball would land and serves it back to Malpahst. The Lord of Order calls an end to the game due to Charles violating the rules. All of the children, including Charles are confused by this, because no one knew that Charles had super powers - not even Charles! The lords teleport the rest of the children back to Earth, warning Malphast against future invocations of challenge lest he draw the attention of other members of the factions. The lords then debate of the spoils of the contest. The end results of the spoils are that all the children are teleported back to Earth, with only Tyler and Malphast remembering what has happened that day.

As the children reappear from the exact moment they were taken, Miss Kyle comes over. She saw what Charles did to Suzi with the basketball and is giving him a week's detention. As Miss Kyle marches off with Charles, the children make plans to play Four-Square the next day and Cecil offers to have the group come over to his house and play video games if his mom is ok with it. Malphast and Tyler discuss the events that transpired and the fact that no one else seems to remember it. As they head in to the school from recess, Tyler notes that Malphast gets to tell Ms. Imperia about the thing in the elevator. Our story ends with the lords of order and chaos hovering over the small chunk of rock in the other dimension. They are trying to teach their charges, various creatures from the dimension, how to play Four-Square, but fear they may need to bring Suzi back to help explain the rules.

Back-Up Story

Baseball! America's favorite past time! And with the help of Herschel and Dr. Newby, the kids of PS238 can now participate in the game. Using Doctor Positron's files on each of the children, they have divided them into evenly-matched teams, and Herschel has protected the stands and the field with force-fields and holo-projectors, respectively, to protect the people in the stands and prevent unwanted viewing of the game. Principal Cranston congratulates them on their achievement and moves over to talk to Tyler, who is helping Ms. Kyle call the game. Tyler explains to the principal that he doesn't feel left out because he feels a lot safer in the stands behind the force fields.

Ron is at bat, and with a whiffed swing he finds himself behind two strikes. On the next pitch he clobbers the ball, tearing the cover off and launching it skyward. Tyler checks the sensors on his laptop which shows that Ron rounded the bases in under five seconds, but he is out. Principal Cranston questions this, to which Tyler explains that the ball landed in Lake Erie and hitting the ball into any major body of water is a ground-rule out. Had the ball reached Canada, it would have been a ground-rule double. Herschel notes to Principal Cranston that they've got satellites that can track a baseball, to which Ms. Kyle responds that he's probably more impressed by Canadian moose having to worry about incoming baseballs.

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