kfhrfdu_89_76k's PS Magazine: The Best of the Preventive Maintenance Monthly #1 review

So, Eisner did THIS for a living, too.

Hullo there Viner! This is my 46. review, and this time it`s about a very educational book!

What the book is about?

Read the plot summary.

What I like.

It`s fascinating that one of the greatest comic creators ever, made educational humor coated comics, for about TWENTY YEARS. Twenty! How long did he make each of his graphic novels? A few years, maybe less. How long did he make Spirit? 12 years (plus a few more strips, occasionally, all the way to his death). And he made this for twenty years...But I had never noticed that he had, until a couple of weeks ago, when I loaned this book from the library. Stunning.

Art is as great as could be expected. Though, it`s not always from Eisner.

Eddie Campbell (drew From Hell) did a mighty great work, selecting all this stuff.

I like the foreword by Ann Eisner, Will Eisners wife. My faf forewords are always those, that are personal to the writers, because you may find out interesting things about the person who is the subject of the foreword. Or afterword.

The book is of fantastic quality.

The writing...Hmmm...It`s pretty good, and sometimes I actually thought that it`s written in a funny way. The basic thing that it`s supposed to do though, is to teach stuff. And I`m pretty sure that it succeeded at that..

Coloring is sweet.

There`s a few neat cameos.

Connie Rodd is one of the greatest characters ever. A gorgeous, badass woman, whose greatest passion is maintenance! It`s practically her lives mission.

What I don`t like.

The foreword by General Peter. J. Schoomaker is tad bit too long. While the foreword by Eddie Campbell, is WAY too long. Wouldn`t three pages have been enough?

There`s so much boring information that I should learn!

The writing could`ve been better. But then again, it`s not supposed to be a masterpiece. But anyhow, the writing is the reason that I gave this a lower score. And the fact that it`s about maintenance.

Wait...There isn`t. Sorry, forgot that I`m not in USAs army in circa 1950-1970.

Something to note.

The book`s printed on A5-paper, because the PS-magazine is of that size, whether you like it or not.


If you don`t wanna buy it, at least borrow it. If you don`t wanna do that either...well, I can`t stop you.


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