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Prysm was the only member of the incarnation of the Teen Titans in which she was a member that wasn't born and rised on Earth after her mother was used for the experiments of the H'San Natall. The only difference between Prysm's and the rest of the Teen Titan's experiments was that her mother was inseminated while being aboard of one of the H'San Natall's spaceships. Soon after that Prysm's mother was taken into a lockdown into the ship until the day that Prysm was born.

After Prysm was born she was taken to be part of more experiments of H'San Natall, the experiment consisted of putting her a special suit where she would live a life based on the shows that were watched on the 50's, making her believe that she was actually a princess that lived in a mystical time with dragons, making her having a very quiet and enjoyable life, however this wasn't a perfect illusion leading to Prysm's discovery about the truth behind her life.

It was soon after that that the young teenagers who had just become metahumans and that would later become the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans arrived at the spaceship of the H'San Natall thanks to a teleport. It was during this that the rest of the teens would also be used as experiments for their suits.

However working together and using their new powers they were able to escape that fake reality, freeing Prysm by mistake in the progress. This made Prysm discover that all her life was fake and that she had been living a lie for the last 16 years, as if things weren't bad enough she got a new appearance that looked similar to glass. After the adventure was over Prysm, Joto ( Hotspot), Atom ( Ray Palmer) and the rest of the teenagers returned to Earth where thanks to the funding of Loren Jupiter (a former ally of the original Teen Titans) and the help of his daughter Omen ( Lilith Clay) they became the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans.

Teen Titans

During the adventure, the teens learned that they were half-alien, and their mothers were impregnated by the H'San Natall years ago. All born on June 21st, the kids were part of a sleeper agent program by the H'San Natall to defeat the super-powered beings already on Earth. The group stayed together, and with the funding of Loren Jupiter, became the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans. The heat-generating Isaiah Crockett became Joto; Toni Monetti's silver plasma powers earned her the codename, Argent; With enhanced speed and strength, Cody Driscoll took the nickname, Risk; And the alien girl who could absorb and project light adopted the name, Prysm. Atom decided to remain on the team to learn how to readjust to his life as a teenager, since he was de-aged by Extant during the Zero Hour Crisis.

Prysm had a hard time adjusting to her new life and new appearance. She had a strong crush on Risk, who didn't return her affections. During a mission that took the team to Skartaris, Prysm's powers were stolen by the evil Motalla. Prysm had a chance at being human - and even Cody began to see her in a new light. Sadly, to defeat Motalla, Prysm had to reclaim her powers, and lose her human form in the process.

After a battle with Haze, fellow teammate Joto seemingly died, leaving the team devastated. Complicating matters, Mr. Jupiter disbanded the Titans.

Team's rebuilt

Some time after this Argent inspired by Joto (Hotspot) decided to become a more heroic heroine and that she would try to rebuild the Teen Titans. Bringing the members of her generation of the Teen Titans (Risk, Prysm, etc) she also decided that without Joto (Hotspot) the Teen Titans would need more members, this lead to a membership drive to bring more people and power to the just rebuilt team.

It was during this membership drive that both CM3 (Captain Marvel Jr.) and Fringe helped the Teen Titans to battle the Veil and also became the two newest members of the team.

Secrets revealed

It was after this that the Teen Titans would have another confrontation with the H'San Natall along with The Veil. It was also during this time that Prysm discovered that her biological parents were not only alive but also with the rest of the H'San Natall.

This was with the help of Superman the last time the H'San Ntall would try to attack the Earth since both the man of steel and the Teen Titans were able to concince them otherwise.

Prysm finds a place to call home

The mission ended with the unexpected encounter with the member of the Teen Titans Joto(Hotspot) who had been thought dead. While the rest of the team returned to the Earth and went their separate ways disbanding the Teen Titans Prysm decided to stay in space with her parents, along with Fringe who also decided to stay with her. The reason behind Prysm's decision was that she always considered herself someone that didn't belong on Earth, however with her parents and the rest of the H'San Natall she finally had a place to call home.

Technis imperative

Prysm along with Fringe along with everyone who had ever been a Teen Titan were captured in the Justice League of America and Titans miniseries: The Technis Imperative. After being rescued they helped the rest of the titans to battle the Justice League of America in order to save Cyberion (Cyborg).

Powers & Abilities

Prysm is able to capture and reflect light. Her release of the light is often in the form of laser beams, with varying intensity. Prysm's color also often reflects her mood (for example: blue is sad; red is angry).

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