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The Protectors enter the portal to another dimension found by Thresher and Air Man previously. They enter a domain that resembles hell and is actually in control of a super villain from Earth known as Wisecrack. When Wisecrack learns of intruders in his realm, he sends a force to attack the interlopers. The Protectors battle against human-like flying dinosaurs almost immediately. The Protectors are also assault on the ground and the superhero team find their opponents easily fallen in battle. However, the foes have the sheer numbers and they are able to kidnap both Arc and Gravestone. Man of War gathers the team and briefly reflects on the events that have led them there, including the meeting where Marcia Beckworth revealed her new-found superpowers. Unknown to the team, another superhero named the Arrow, who is determined to join the Protectors, was a stowaway on the helicopter that transported the team to the portal, located in the town of Brinkston. While there, Man of War expresses his concern for the new Night Mask's lack of experience. Before that discussion can progress, Eternal Man reveals that he has found the portal with his mysterious powers. Eternal Man explains to the team that he can hold the portal open for only six hours. It is up to Man of War to risk the team to find potential survivors from the Brinkston disaster of five year sgo. He decided to go for it, for the sake of the possible survivors. They enter the portal and immediately afterwards, so does the Arrow. After the brief reflection, Man of War stops Amazing Man from killing one of the dinosaur creatures they have defeated. Amazing Man resents not being able to kill the monster but Man of War stands firm. The team leader instructs Ferret to track their missing teammates down and he does. Meanwhile, the Eye watches their journey the whole while, Gravestone and Night Mask are brought to Wisecrack, who recognizes Gravestone as his old rival from the past. He wants to know how they came from Earth, so he can return there, but the heroes remain tight lipped. He sends Gravestone to a torture chamber to extract his answer. Meanwhile, the Protectors finally arrive at Wisecrack's castle.

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