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The Protectors gather around the lifeless body of Richard Reinhart, their teammate known as Night Mask. Air Man carries his body to a hospital, telling his teammates to notify his father. All but Amazing Man leave the building and he begins to tear it down. When the building is nothing more than rubble, he tells his teammates that he could not allow the building to stand after the murder of Night Mask. The media reflects the fear of the public and their distrust of superheroes in general, particularly since five years ago, a town was devastated in the wake of a superhuman battle. The team deals with the pain of Night Mask's loss in different ways. Night Mask's father, Philip Reinhart, focuses himself on the Protectors and keeping them from being disbanded. Aura grieves at home while Mighty Man gains a newer appreciation for his family. The team gathers again, trying to hold together though hostility and outbursts threaten to tear them apart. Man of War doubts his role as leader and Marcia Beckworth convinces him that the team needs him because he is a hero. The pep talk works and he grabs the reins of leadership, telling his team that after a proper funeral, they are going to hunt down Mr. Monday and his Steel Army. At the funeral, Mr. Monday and the Steel Army strike. Mr. Monday goes directly for President O'Brien while the rest of his squad fight against the Protectors. The Protectors use teamwork to battle the Steel Army and defeat them. Meanwhile, Mr. Monday corners the President in a mausoleum when the President reveals that he is actually Mighty Man. Mighty Man's powers are too strong for Mr. Monday and he is defeated in battle, revealing that Mr. Monday's legs are cybernetic prosthetics. Mr. Monday and the Steel Army are soon apprehended and remanded to prison. Man of War makes a statement to the media, telling the public that there is no need to fear the Protectors because they are there to serve the people. Meanwhile, the Great Question was behind Mr. Monday's assault and ponders the next step in his plan against the Protectors. Unknown to the Great Question, he is being watched by the Eye, a mysterious superhero,

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