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Man of War speaks to his team of Protectors, preparing them for their imminent battle against Mr. Monday and the Steel Army. He also addressed a problem with the communication gear and how they will be resolved in two days. Meanwhile, at the very same moment, Mr. Monday speaks to his elite soldiers in the Steel Army, preparing for an unavoidable battle against the Protectors. He warns them that they should keep their armor in the best of shape against their foes. After the Protector's meeting, Richard Reinhart speaks to Marcia and apologizes about making a romantic move the day before and they make their peace. Meanwhile, President O'Brien visits Philip Reinhart in the hospital and they discuss Philip's son, Richard "Night Mask" Reinhart, being on the team. Philip doesn't like that his son is on the team but realizes his son is a grown man who has to walk his path. While the team is on patrol, Night Mask comes across a group of Steel Army members destroying a post office. He tries to alert Amazing Man but the communication device is on the fritz. Amazing Man tries to tell Night Mask to wait for backup, but he never receives the message. Night Mask decides that he can't allow the Steel Army to continue their damage and jumps into a fight. He defeats one of them and gives chase to the rest, hoping to uncover their secret headquarters. Meanwhile, Amazing Man contacts Man of War, informing him that Night Mask is missing. Man of War immediately contacts several teammates to search for Night Mask. Eternal Man tries to use his magic to find Night Mask, but Ferret uses his enhanced sense of smell to track him down his own way, with Amazing Man following him. Meanwhile, Night Mask finds the Steel Army's headquarters and comes face to face with Mr. Monday. Mr. Monday informs Night Mask that their battle will be broadcast on television, and it is, with the whole city watching. While the Protectors keep searching for Night Mask, Mr. Monday televises the brutal attack on Night Mask. Mr. Monday proves to be too powerful and kills Night Mask. Night Mask's last words are an apology to his father for not being better. Ferret, Amazing Man and Air Man find Night Mask's lifeless body with a message in blood on the wall: Monday Rules.

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Monday ,Bloody Monday 0

Wow here is blast form the past or least as old 15 year back when Malibu staring out, I'd follow when it 1st came out and its real blast and fun read true believers , if you can find these issues in good shape you have find on your hand that is Embossed Force beam Hole Cover in NM+ it’s worth $3.00 per Overstreet price guild. As far as the store gose it's well written and the art is really good , it's just shame Protectors are no longer .S.T.T.BMach...

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