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Gravestone visits the home of Zardi, a man who was once the prince of a land called Zandipore and a powerful sorcerer. Gravestone and Zardi have a history together and Gravestone asks if Zardi would join him in the Protectors. At first Zardi declines but his lover persuades him to join, so he could get in touch with the real world again. Meanwhile, Mister Reinhart and the president of the United States, Brian O'Brien, discuss important factors of the team. One would be that each member will have life and health insurance. Another one, mandated by the president, is that there will be a no-kill clause and it will be made public, to assuage the fears of the public. Mr. Reinhart reluctantly agrees to it and then the conversation goes to new recruits. Marcia Beckworth, the public liasion for the superhero team, remarks how they are may have four new members by the end of the week. Air Man arrives at a bar to recruit the Ferret, a singer at the bar that has just recently been in a fight. Ferret hesitates to join but Air Man persuades him by telling him of the salary he would receive, but Ferret makes it a point to tell him the money isn't a factor. Meanwhile, Mr. Monday and his Steel Army have been causing more death and mayhem in Washington. Man of War busies himself by recruiting another potential member, Amazing Man. Night Mask visits a suburban area to recruit a wife and mother with extraordinary abilities who goes by the codename of Aura. The newest recruits gather together for a brief training session while Mr. Reinhart prepares Marcia Beckworth to handle a press conference to introduce the public to the Protectors, the premiere superhero team.

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