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Amazing Man appears to be a traitor to the team of the Protectors. He attacks Man of War and steals his sword of fire. He also goes to Sluggtown to defeat Gravestone, stealing his medallion. He has also entered a portal that Thresher had a while ago to steal a special dagger. Meanwhile, the Ferret returns to the Protector's headquarters after being summoned and sees every member of the Protectors and their allies in front of him. Man of War inform him that Amazing Man is a traitor. He takes the reins over the team and prepares them to go out and search for Amazing Man to stop him. The Protectors are joined by others like the Arrow and Widow Maker and the Ex-Mutants to battle their foe. Meanwhile, Amazing Man goes to the secret headquarters of the Steel Army and the Great Question, who he is working for. However, Amazing Man seems confused when he arrives and he is blasted by the Great Question. Amazing Man tries to break away from the mental dominance of the Great Question but he is blast away. He then sends Mister Monday to fight the Protectors, who have been joined by a cosmic being called Nowhere Man. Mister Monday kills Air Man and the Protectors are ready to fight him and his Steel Army when the Great Question arrives with massive powers, unleashing hell on Earth.

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