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Miss Fury battles against the combined might of the Cat Pack on her own, in an abandoned mall, in order to free the President's grandson from her foe, Black Fury. She surrenders to the Cat Pack, telling them to take her to their leader. She carries a hidden communicator with her that allows the Protectors to track her down to Black Fury's secret hideout. The Protectors wait outside of the abandoned mall, waiting for Miss Fury's code word for them to attack. Miss Fury arrives in front of Black Fury and she accuses of her of being her aunt Stephanie. Black Fury says she has no idea what she is talking about and Miss Fury is left with doubt. While the Protectors remain to wait for Miss Fury's code word, they see the Arrow enter the abandoned mall. He figures that if he saves the President's grandson alone, the Protectors would have no choice but to accept him as a member. Amazing Man realizes they have no choice and orders Air Man to drop Aura into the mall. Aura falls down, protected by her force field, and is able to save the President's grandson, holding him in her field. The Protectors burst into the building and Black Fury sends her Cat Pack against them as she tries to flee. While the Protectors defeat the Cat Pack, Miss Fury chases Black Fury. Black Fury brandishes a gun against her niece and almost shot her if it were not for the intervention of a well placed shot by the Arrow. Black Fury then detonates a bomb that will destroy the building. Miss Fury lets Black Fury get away, more concerned for getting everyone out of there. With the Protectors safe, they offer Miss Fury membership, but she has to decline. The Arrow gets angry that they did not ask him to join and he storms off. Meanwhile, in another dimesnion, an alien tyrant named Extreme takes over the planet and vows to capture all planets and make them his.

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