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Black Fury and her Cat Pack have successfully kidnapped the grandson of the President of the United States and hold him for ransom. Meanwhile, the Protectors take Miss Fury sudden appearance to mean another attack on the President, mistaking her for someone associated with Black Fury and her Cat Pack. The suddenly attack and Miss Fury's spectacular agility allow her to evade their initial assault but she is decked by Miss Fury. The President then tells the Protectors to stop, opting to listen to Miss Fury. The President and Miss Fury go to another room where she reveals her origin and how her grandmother, the original Miss Fury, was an ally of The Clock, the President's super hero alias. Meanwhile, the Arrow views the White House attack on the news and decides to investigate the situation, even if he is still waiting for acceptance into the Protectors. Miss Fury concludes her tale and tells the President that the Black Fury is actually her aunt and she knows where she would have stowed the abducted grandson. The President dictates that Miss Fury will lead the Protectors in the charge to save his grandson, to the anger of Amazing Man. He promises that if Miss Fury betrays the team, he will forget the Protector's sanction on not killing.

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