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Gerald Marsh was a failure as a jeweler. He constructed an armored suit that enhanced his strength and disguised his appearance. He decided in his new identity as the Protector he would demand protection money from other jewelers and steal their goods if they resisted.

Significant Stories

All across Manhattan, jewelers had been roughed up by a new criminal called the Protector. None of the jeweler except Gerald Marsh would ask for help. It is assumed that Gerald who was the Protector only alerted Ant-Man in order to trap him. Ant-man disrupted one of the Protector's robberies by tripping him with spilled pearls. The Protector washed Ant-man away with a water pistol. Ant-man was saved from being washed down the sewers by some helpful ants and later discovered that the Protector leaked oil. Tracking the Protector to his lair by the use of a trail of signals left by his ants. The Protector was eventually defeated and revealed to be Gerald Marsh.

Protector Suit and Equipment

Gerald Marsh wears a suit of his own design. It is bulky and gives him a giant-like stature. Its numerous oil pistons make lifting object much easier. He carries a "disintegration gun" thats actually a smoke gun that he would use to hide the theft of gems.

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