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In most scenarios a protagonist is a hero, a role-model, someone who displays traits we all admire. Most comic books have a hero as a protagonist; Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Hulk, Thor, and many others. Sometimes a team or group can be the protagonist. But only if the entire team is focused on instead of one particular character. This can include the Teen Titans, Justice League, Fantastic Four, and the Avengers.

If a story stars a villain instead of a hero, the villain is the protagonist of the story. It doesn`t necessarily mean that the villain becomes a hero as the story progresses. It means, that the villain is the hero of his/her/its own story.

If there`s someone in the story, who the villain fights against, it is usually:

  • Someone/somebodys who is/are normally perceived as heroes/a hero, and who will take the role of antagonist.
  • Another villain.

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