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Venom (Flash Thompson)
Project Rebirth 2.0 was the title given by the United States Government in Washington DC. Having known that no one can replicate the success of Commander Steve Rogers, ex-Captain America, the Government decided to try and clone that success. However in a different way. Having Mac Gargan in custody the Government and the F.B.I. and their top scientist ripped the Symbiote from Gargan's body, which led to him going super insane without the Symbiote. In the end, Gargan was kidnapped and given his Scorpion mantle once again. The Symbiote was then given to Flash Thompson to be the newest and greatest Super-Soldier. 
While having all the powers of Spider-Man, Flash wanted to be his greatest hero's partner and also serve his country. However he instead had to listen to the Government and be the covert ops guy who will kill the threats before anyone, including super hero types, know about them. Flash is only allowed 20 missions, and after that they are going give the Symbiote to someone else. However, while suppressed by drugs, Venom has different intensions for Flash Thompson...

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