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Progeny follows the events of the first thirteen issues of Artifacts, where Jackie Estacado used his and Sara Pezzini's daughter Hope to recreate the world in his image, bringing back his lost love Jenny Romano, wiping Sara's memory of her daughter, and splitting many of The 13 Artifacts from their previous owners, in hopes that no one would challenge the Darkness. This lead to the universe known as Top Cow Rebirth, but all would not stay the way Jackie had planned. Former Rapture bearer Tom Judge had hazy memories of the universe prior to the present, and once coming in contact with the Rapture again, he remembers exactly what had happened, and set out to confront Jackie. Outmatched, Tom then decides to find other bearers of the Artifacts to again try and confront Jackie, but Jackie has problems of his own. While Judge searches for other Artifact bearers, Jackie purges the Darkness from his body, creating what is essentially a doppelganger of himself made out of pure Darkness. Jackie's doppelganger begins to slowly take over Jackie's life, influencing the troubled mine of his wife Jenny, and nurturing Hope's growing Darkness powers, which are manifesting due to not having the balance of the Witchblade as her mother. It all cumulates to the doppelganger overpowering the real Jackie, and locking him in a bunker, powerless and helpless.

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