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Any show we like eh? Well, here's what I came up with:

Liv from iZombie versus Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen. Hope you dig it!

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I'm so scared to let myself be excited for this movie. After the prequel trilogy, I am afraid of being burnt again.

All this new cool stuff is making my nerd-sense tingle though. The props look great. The trailers have been exciting. My resolve is cracking!

Quick, someone who's really good at being cynical, give me some pointers, yeah?

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My big fat hands would crush that tiny little thing. I have stupid fingers.

Still, a cool piece of kit. Were I a more nimble person, I'd pick up one of these for sure. :)

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Early sketch

Updated: INK!!!

Updated: Final color

Also, apparently a few cosplayers and artists are ahead of me on the whole Batmandalorian idea. You should Google it! Good stuff! :)

Still going to go with this for the challenge though. I hope you just believe that I didn't rip the idea off from others. Not that it matters for a contest with no prize, but still. Integrity and all that.

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I call dibs on Bat-mandalorian! ;)

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@lensnart: That's very kind of you to say, thank you.

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I really dig it. :)

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Firstly, thanks to those who voted for me in the voting thread. My piece wasn't completely finished so it comes as quite the surprise, but I appreciate the support nonetheless.

Now, to business. One of my favorite parts of old team up books was when the characters egos get the better of them. Thor vs Iron Man from the Avengers movie is a perfect example for instance. Or Captain America vs Wolverine. The iconic Batman knocking out Guy Gardner with one punch. And who could forget Dark Knight Returns' Batman fighting Superman? These moments are always memorable. So my challenge for this edition of CRANK THOSE PANELS is to pick your heroes, and create a scenario where their huge personalities clash. It's up to you if they go to blows or not. If you'd prefer to have them verbally snipe one another with witty repartee and never take a swing, that's up to the creator. But let's face it, it's best when the fists tend to fly! But, I don't want to limit the infinite creativity that this forum has in abundance.

I'm hoping that people will feel inspired to create their own scenarios. But just in case you want a general outline, consider this as a vague outline of one possible scenario that we've all seen in comics over the years:

  • Hero 1 is looking for info on a villain
  • He/She is interrogating a punk/crook/vagrant for any possible leads when it appears he's going to take it too far
  • Hero 2 steps in and interrupts just as the informant is about to crack
  • Hero 1 doesn't appreciate the condescension and the intervention of Hero 2
  • The two heroes get in each others faces and one of them starts to get physical with a shoulder push
  • Things quickly escalate and they come to blows

Good luck artists! :)

Let's give this one a few weeks, eh? How about a deadline of May 15th? That's about 4 weeks, plenty of time to make a page or two, yes?

@shatterstar When it's convenient, may we have this pinned? Please and thank you.

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Big round of applause for @zzombie13 ! I'll see what he wants to do next. If he wants to post a new one himself or just choose the topic. I asked him to enter his even though he hadn't finished and was not planning on having it as an entry for this contest, then I sweetened the deal if he had won. :p

Nah, I'm not going to punk out. I really didn't want to run a contest, but if I won the voting then that's my responsibility. I'll take care of it and have one up by morning.