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@zzombie13: You should just but a little bookshelf or drawer just for books.

I appreciate the suggestion. But my house is full of junk. My junk, my daughter's junk, my family's junk.

Collecting at this point is more stressful than joyous since I just don't have the space for (yet another) big white comic storage box. I quit collecting in the mid 90s after everything kinda crashed down around itself. I still read plenty of them, still even buy an occasional book, I just don't collect anymore. I read them, then give them to my best friend's nephew or one of my daughter's friends.

Or, thankfully, now we have digital which is perfect for someone like me who loves the fiction, but is no longer interested in the collecting hobby side of comics.


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Watched Winter Soldier again tonight. I think that was the 5th time, maybe the 6th. It never loses it's punch.

This figure looks like a fitting tribute to Steve. Thanks for showing it off @g_man. :)

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Wow, that art in this book is really stunning. I mostly stick to the periphery of comics these days. Collecting is a nasty habit I can't really do anymore (no space in my tiny house), but these look like worthy books.

I think I'll try to pick up a digital copy. I gotta get some use out of that tablet they gave me when I renewed my Verizon contract. ;)

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Believe it or not, that wasn't the weirdest Japanese thing I've seen today and it's not even noon. What will the evening hold?

Anyway, these were great. Thanks!

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Galactuses? Galacti? What would the plural be?

Anyway, great work. :)

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You're off to a good start, keep practicing!

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@joshuadbr said:

Cyclops gets so much hate, but he's my favorite. I was thinking maybe Nightcrawler, but my vote goes to Scott.

I can't say Cyclops is my favorite X-men character, but he is high on the list (Iceman is my fav, if you're wondering). And Scott got my vote.

I was shocked to see him winning though. The good kind of shocked I mean, surprised and a bit happy about it.

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One of my favorite Batman fights is (no surprise) from the Animated Series. I know that's it's own separate thing and all, but it's still my favorite.

The episodes with Kyodi-Ken (no idea if I spelled that right) were always exciting. It was strange to see Batman be unsure of himself and doubly rewarding to see him overcome the villain. I mean sure, you know in a show ostensibly for children that the "good guy" is going to win anyway. But they handled it with such grace. With such powerful voice over and music, as that show always did.

I watched those shows when I was in college. They all left a lasting impression. Even all these years later, even after the improved versions of Batman in Justice League Unlimited, the fight with his old rival who he wasn't sure he could beat still gets me.

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The whole piece is grand.

But I want to call special attention for the detailing in the arms. That is just stunning. Well done friend. :)

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I hope you don't stop making these as videos. For starters I enjoy the narrated format, for two I like the toys on your shelves because many of them are the same ones I have (THE MAXX!), and for three, if this were just text it wouldn't be nearly as fun.