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Yeeeeah. Booster isn't even close to peak human. Aquaman is well above peak human.

Time traveling to the past is voluntary battlefield removal. Should be illegal on the battle forums as a general rule if you ask me.

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Booster lasts longer against Doomsday clones than Aquaman would because he has greater durability. Booster didn't dodge any attacks or do much in the way of actually damaging Doomsday iirc. He just survived. When it comes to characters too weak to hurt Doomsday and too slow to dodge his attacks (both Aquaman and Booster), the only thing that matters is durability and you're right, Booster has better durability. Doesn't mean he can beat Aquaman.

You posted a scan of Beetle and Booster fighting Despero in a flashback. Nothing indicates they won.

Ultrahumanite's power levels change. He's used several different bodies. He may be able to handle PG one day but on another day, she can one shot him. That's just the nature of the character.

Batman may respect Booster but your own scans show he's like 0 for 18 against the Joker and Joker shouldn't be able to get through his force field, either. Sure, part of it is that Booster really can't change time (except when he can) but it just goes to show that Booster loses plenty of fights against weaker characters.

Booster's tactical ability isn't half of Aquaman's. Aquaman is significantly faster and seemingly stronger. His real advantage is that he gets the job done. Aquaman has shown up characters like Deathstroke and Superboy. He's also damn near bulletproof these days which is helpful against Booster's limited offensive abilities.

Old Aquaman's TP is certainly enough to take out Booster. Gonna have to take your word on the new version.

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In his own book, Barry manages to win. In a Justice League book, Despero wins.

On paper? Despero probably takes it. Barry doesn't have the high end offensive feats (speed stealing, infinite mass punch, beating up Mongul, etc) that Wally has.

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@zoom said:

@blackwind said:

@comicfan11: How is Aquaman breaking force fields that took hits from Doomsday?

He won't have to because Booster Gold is highly incompetent, even in his own series.

Aquaman wins this.

That's been seriously retconned. Booster plays incompetent so that his actions wont have a lasting effect on the history he puts back right. Booster has gone toe to toe with a Doomsday clone and won out.

Even Batman ( who has discovered his faking incompetence) has respect for Booster now as A league

There's been no retcon. Booster Gold fakes being dumbER and MORE incompetent than he is. He was never acting until post 52. Every screw up from JLI, Super Buddies and crossovers? Totally cannon.

You posted pictures of Booster getting his butt kicked by a weakened alternate universe Doomsday. What is that supposed to prove?

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@comicfan11: How is Aquaman breaking force fields that took hits from Doomsday?

He won't have to because Booster Gold is highly incompetent, even in his own series.

Aquaman wins this.

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Killer Frost who's got superhuman durability at least on par with Spidey, who's also a thermal vampire over a huge enough area to warrant her being a Firestorm villain (think about that for a few minutes)

Let me stop you right there. I like Killer Frost but lets not give her credit just for being a Firestorm villain. Firestorm is wildly incompetent. None of his rogues are in his weight class. Slipknot is a Firestorm villain and he's just a guy with a rope. Black Bison is a Firestorm villain. I've read five comics with him and I'm not certain he's anything more than a guy with a buffalo skin on his head.

Hyena? Supposedly dangerous but only Firestorm says so. Plastique? Firepower but no skill or durability.

Only Multiplex and Killer Frost are even dangerous compared to street level heroes and they aren't anything next to a guy who can turn you into a tree.

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the cold of the dis honoured dead is lower than absolute zero iron man easily stood in it

That's not a thing. Cold is merely the absence of heat. At absolute zero, there is zero heat.

I don't know what you think absolute zero is but there's nothing colder than absolute zero.

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@lone_wolf_and_cub said:

@zoom: Spoken like someone who takes comic battles a little to seriously. Stop crying.

Do you go to news sites and tell people to not care about current events? Do you go to tvtropes and complain that people care too much about patterns in media? Do you open a math textbook and complain that the author cares too much about math? Get pissy with a doctor for caring too much about medicine?

This is a forum for discussing comic book battles and debating over who would win or not. I mean, if you're a person who takes comic battles a little too seriously, this is one of a handful of appropriate places to act that way. Taking things a little more seriously makes this forum better than some. It's what makes wikipedia better than yahoo answers.

Of course, I don't really care about who thinks Hulk can or can't beat some of the Rogues but it I don't think you're really making fun of me for caring. I think you just can't back up your opinion so you try to negate mine with a personal attack. Pitiful.

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@mightyrearranger said:

@ghostravage: So Hulk = basically a God or mystic now?

Not really, but his honey badger aura came back again... And better than ever.

@zoom said:

Hulk can pass round one.

Turtle can steal the speed of entire cities. Hulk can literally do nothing to him.

Top or Grodd can easily mind control him.

Flash has trouble catching Mirror Master. Hulk will never do it. He'll be turned to glass.

Abra Kadabra is a reality warper who has one shotted Superman. No contest.

  • Nope. Hulk has high TP resistance, so the "easily" argument is blunt... Also, it's highly doubtful they will control him in the first place, it's not like they are Phoenix Jean or Xavier.
  • PIS and CIS, why making arguments with Flash when he's pretty much unbeatable ignoring CIS in the Vine.
  • Perhaps, but the same can be said about Dr. Strange being KO'd by the Celestials yet they couldn't do the same to Hulk. ABC logic doesn't work like that and for someone who has this amount of comments should be more than experienced to know.

Hulk is resistant to telepathy except when he isn't. Besides, the Top isn't a telepath. He's a hypnotist. That works just fine against the Hulk.

Flash has trouble catching Mirror Master because he's an intangible illusion creating teleporter who attacks the Flash while he's safe in another dimension. CIS and PIS don't enter into it. He's just damn near impossible to touch.

If the one shotting Superman doesn't do it for you, what part of HE'S A REALITY WARPER do you have a problem with? Kadabra can turn Hulk into a puppet, age him into dust, teleport him into the sun, cause his brain to cease controlling his body, throw his head into a pocket dimension and so on. Heck, you could put the rest of the people in the gauntlet on Hulk's team and I'm still betting on Kadabra.


Spoken like someone who has never read a Flash comic.

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Also, Hulk can't resist being turned inside out or dumped in another dimension. He's not in Mirror Master's league.