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Anybody know where this is from? I'm assuming it's a cover, and I love the art.

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YES! My favorite show, and I love Lindsay's original novels as well. This will help hold me over between the 7th and 8th season.

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Man of Steel, hands down. I have really high hopes for this one.

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I really hope this turns out to be a surprising watch, because my expectations really aren't too high, even though I'm excited just to see it.

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I can only see this ending in a Jason Todd-esque scenario. If they weren't planning on making this sidekick turn rogue, I don't understand why they'd make such a lame pairing. The kid's abilities are generic and boring, and a name like Alpha, really? Heroes and sidekicks should go hand-in-hand and be able to compliment each other, and I just don't see how this relationship can prosper very well. Maybe he'll die, maybe he won't, but I predict he'll turn rogue and be a huge threat for Spidey, especially if he learns some of his secrets.

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Christopher Eccleston as a villain? I don't know the villain, so I can't say much, but that's just such an unexpected and interesting choice. It seems odd, but I'm sure he can pull it off. I'm now a lot more excited for the movie. Screw Iron Man 3, I just want Thor 2 and Cap 2.

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Hellraiser's always been one of my favorite horror franchises, and the Boom! series has been great. Nice interview, I'll definitely be picking this up to continue the series.

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@JediXMan said:

Walking around aimlessly is half the fun...

This. No matter what convention it is, regardless of how big or small, walking around and checking out all of the neat stuff and being social is the fun. I wouldn't recommend restricting yourself at all.

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In addition to what you've noted, there's also Dredd coming out in about a month, and Kick-Ass 2 next year.

Above all I'm anticipating Man of Steel, it seems very promising. After that, definitely Kick-Ass 2 and Cap 2. I would say I'm looking forward to Wolverine, but my expectations aren't too high. I'm pretty curious about Guardians of the Galaxy as well. I'm looking forward to them all really.

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Pennywise (it) - 56
Herbert West - 23 (-4)
Michael Myers - 78
Freddy Kruger - 18 (+4)
Darkman - 57