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this is all i have so far but i want to see what people think

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what do you think? this is all i've made so far but im trying to get feedback to see if i should make the whole thing. it would be a four issue series.

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@Heartlessomen: what? no it totally is distributed by marvel. its creator-owned but its definitely apart of marvel. 
AND btw, lionsgate did hulk vs animated movie as well as the iron man and dr strange animated movies. so they are affiliated w/ marvel. 
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@Kenjav: yea i agree. i think its been getting much better w/ the new writer and artist. but your right, if gert comes back w/out old lace, whats she gunna do? or even chase for that matter doesnt really have anything except i guess the new frog thing. but then again, characters dont HAVE to have powers. alex didnt. hmmmm....
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wait, so didnt marvel say they are strictly not releasing R-rated movies anymore? but how is this not going to be R? or is not going to be released under marvel? or maybe im just totally confused and dont have the facts straight at all? haha

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how is this like a comic at all though? it just looks like a cartoon. i think of a motion comic like the watchmen one

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this is nuts. but honestly, i dont care who owns marvel if they keep up what their doing. i mean it doesnt matter whos name owns them if they can still work independently right? so hopefully thats all it will be. if disney actually starts messing around with marvel stuff.... idk. i mean really, punisher or moon knight disney style just sounds terrible

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really? i like the stories. 600 was awesome, 601 was lame but after that its been cool i liked it. and i def liked american son

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i was thinking about this the other day. yea, its nice to pick up an issue almost every week (although not always nice $$wise) and its fun to see stories progress quickly instead of having to wait 4 or 5 months to see the conclusion, but im getting a little sick of always changing the artist and writer every couple issues. to me, i like it a lot more when its the same artist and writer everytime. it just seems better and more fun. another upside to multiple writers is that if you don't like the story, you just wait some and its a different writer. but still, i wish it would start coming out once a month again, or maybe even just twice and give us the same writer and artist every time. 
what do you think?

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i love the movie, but this doesnt look amazing... i liked how the movie wasnt typical zombie material and focused less on the zombies and more on what the survivors would actually act like and their adventure even w/out the "infected." but this looks more like a regular zombie comic. i mean i guess it could be good. well jus have to see